Lunch in the garden.

Today a cool crisp breeze fills the air & the house with the smell of sweet Clematis!Clematis Arbor 2012

The rain has renewed our landscape & the arbor – she’s being a bit of a show-off!

Path to Gate August 2012

This year Miss Clematis put her best dress on. The roses are envious & climbing higher than usual!DSC_0496

 Peeking over the fence and feeling grateful for the new stone path & Bluegrass that my son helped lay. 

Clematis on Fence

Miss Clematis is lazy & full & with arms opened wide she welcomes guests at the back gate.

Garden Gate

This old bronze bell has been at the entrance to all of our patios, courtyards, porches since I was a child.  My mother sent it with us when we moved to Kentucky.  Thanks Mom.

Garden Bell Today I’m preparing lunch alfresco for friends.

Life seems so much easier & relaxed when we eat outside.

Lunch in the garden.  Meanwhile my helper is still guarding last Sunday’s paper!

Sunday PaperSunday Paper

On the menu, Warm Beet Salad with Wilted Greens from a favorite cookbook, Fresh & Fast by Marie Simmons

Lunch in the garden.

Baskets are handy for bringing everything outdoors.

Lunch in the garden.Lunch in the garden.

Lunch in the garden.

I’m using some beautiful china that I recently purchased from Decoratifs’. If you’ve been here from the start, you might recall that the Lexington landmark was the subject of my very first post!

Lunch in the garden.

  I was able to grab the last 6 dinner plates in three different patterns, from their “pink house!”

Lunch in the garden.

Time to pull things together and enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Lunch in the garden.

 Help arrived just in time for a long walk!

Lauren's BootsGracie's Collar

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too!


It saddens me to no end to tell you that after 27 years John & Wes decided to close Decoratifs’.

They are already missed!

Clematis and Roses

Photos| Lisa Porter


Renae Moore said...

Oh gosh...wish I was there. I'm feeling a bit blue today...tough on the weekends when the MR is away!
That clematis...I MUST plant some...exquisite!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Your yard is looking so lush and green. Hope you enjoyed your lunch, as it appeared it would be perfect! Those plates are fabulous.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Is it wrong that I want to be your neighbor and friend?

Nevermind....I'll pretend...

Lisa said...

No pretending allowed Linda, and the feeling is mutual. Wish I could have you ALL for lunch!
XO Lisa

Marisa said...

I posted photos of a Rangoon Creeper earlier today and was smugly thinking to myself that you would be hard pressed to find a lovelier climber, but your clematis would defintiely give it a run for its money. There is something so classic about white flowers. I especially love the photo with the bells.

Jennifer said...

I love the vine at the entrance to your garden. This is a great time of year for a meal outdoors.

tamara matthews-stephenson said...

Your photography is getting even more exquisite - if that is possible. Lovely views of the garden as the Summer ends. Xo Tamara

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Yet another woman here that again wants to be your neighbour and friend. Your plates are amazing and how terribly sad that Decoratifs' decided to close after such a long run. Thank goodness you have your plates as a treasured reminder of one of your favorite stores. I hope your lunch went very well? Your home is the perfect setting. Beautiful flowers and setting, friendly Grace, and adorable Taylor in her pink wellies!!

Thanks for your amazing comment on my blog post Lisa. Your comments always mean the world to me.

xx Deb!

LLH Designs said...

Your sweet comment lured me back over, and this sweet post of an al fresco lunch put a smile on my face! Ever since moving, I've had a hard time keeping up with blogs. So much work to do in and around our new home. Hard to keep up with it all. Thanks for your words!

_rheingruen said...

Your white vine at the garden entrance
looks great! I like the idea walking through the gate and enjoing a smell. We have a similar plant
growing/occupying our fence. The name is Clematis montana Wilsonii. It blooms charmingly under any circumstances in spring like yours. Thank you for sharing. Greeting Iris

La Petite Gallery said...

Lisa, Such a lovely Garden and that looks like a lunch I would love. The plates are so different,pink. Fall is here and then Cabin Fever.
be well.

helen tilston said...

Hello Lisa

Your clematis looks beautiful, I don't think I have seen one so large or with so many blooms

Your alfresco lunch sounds delicious

Wishing you a week of joy


quintessence said...

So pretty!! And those pink plates were definitely a find!!