Today I’m featuring the delightful watercolor illustrations of Caitlin McGauley.
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley
Her bright colors and simple subjects are fun and refreshing and a reflection of a girl who revels in purchasing a new paint color as much as new shoes!
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley
Caitlin McGauley offers her works through her website, private commissions, and causes close to her heart. I also love seeing her illustrations over at Kate Spade’s website, Lonny, and Daily Candy.
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley“Friendship”
That’s the title of my post today because Caitlin’s work is reminding me of someone special.Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley A friend who I’ve come to know through blogging.  Imagine that!
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley
Actually, there are many bloggers who will tell you that they too are delighted to call her a friend.
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley She’s famous for the stories she writes about people, places and things. She really pulls you in & is known for occasionally pulling your leg which you don’t realize until “The End!”
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauleyThese days she writes her stories in her cozy cottage far, far away but remains close to us in all the “social” ways. We’re still trying to get the girl on Skype but she’s always off touring castles on the Scottish Highlands with her Kilted husband!
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley I’m happy to report though that she made her way back to the States just in time to celebrate the holidays & her birthday with her fabulous friends and family!
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley She’s a stylish & sophisticated one who remains true to form.
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley
And no matter where she is, she remains close to all of our bloggy hearts.
Watercolor Illustration | Caitlin McGauley
Happy Birthday, Duchess!

Be sure to visit Caitlin McGauley at her website and blog where she’s happy to show you her sketchbook!
Caitlin's Sketchbook
And by all means, be sure to visit my dear “Duchess” Deb Peterson Milne at her blog where she pens all those wonderful stories I was telling you about ~
Dumbwit Tellher


quintessence said...

Wonderful use of Caitlin's charming illustrations to wish Deb a very happy birthday!! Hoping you're having a wonderful holiday. Wishing you a very happy new year Lisa!

tamara matthews-stephenson said...

Merry Xmas and happy new year - and, as usual an uplifting and inspiring post over here at LPC xox tamara

Karen Albert said...

Adore Caitlin's illustrations; so charming and colorful!! I miss reading Deb's blog!

Lisa, My friend, Wishing you all the best in the Year ahead!

Art by Karena

Dumbwit Tellher said...

LISA - you have reduced me to tears in the most amazing, creative, and genuine way. This means more to me than a Tiffany diamond (not that I've ever had one!!), or a posh pair of Jimmy Choo's. Friendship from you is and always will be a treasure. You've given me the best gift of all to begin 2013. I wish you nothing but love, laughter, tender moments and yes...friendship.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

BTW...I love Caitlin's art work and to include her work with your wonderful post was absolutely perfect! xxoo

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

What a wonderful post! I love Catlins blog and work and I have been a huge fan of Deb and her blog a very long time. I hope you have a wonderful NEw Year!

Catherine Frinier said...

lovely in every way -- just like you -- happy new year!

5th and State said...

i loved this post lisa!

just realized that so many images i pinned are caitlin's....she is sooo talented.
isn't blogging a wondrous gift, the connections and support? now i'm off to visit deb's blog, it sounds like everything i adore.

Slim Paley said...

Love Caitlin's watercolours (and watercolours are so hard!!)
and now I'm off to check out the Duchess!
Happy New Year!

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy 2013 to you Lisa. I love, love love Debbie. This was such a great post. Be well, be happy and safe.

Destination Home said...

What a delightful way to start my morning! Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Beautiful illustrations! I'm so happy I found you lovely blog from Yvonne's over at La Petite Gallery, then from here was reintroduced to Deb's blog. Love your style!