Seeking Shelter

Taking every possible opportunity to enjoy these long hot days of summer.

Photo | Lisa Porter

Even if it means being drenched by an occasional rain.

Photo | Lisa Porter

Seems it’s turned my blue bench into a reflecting pool.

Photo | Lisa Porter


Photo | Lisa Porter


Photo | Lisa Porter

Don’t you love the heady aroma of gathered greens ~

Photo | Lisa Porter


This heat though….


Photo | Lisa Porter

has brought with it a bit of tropical flare ~

Photo | Lisa Porter


Photo | Lisa Porter

Mornings are cool and fans move the heavy air.

Photo | Lisa Porter


Photo | Lisa Porter


Photo | Lisa Porter

The sun has arrived, along with the sound of cicadas and the occasional slap of the screen door.

Time to take shelter.

Photo | Lisa Porter

It’s the shelter of each other that the people live.” Irish proverb


Thank you Jamie Shelman for reminding us that Cats need shelter too!

Earth Cave Summer Ink Drawing by Jamie Shelman on Etsy

Earth Cave Summer Ink Drawing by Jamie Shelman


See more of Jamie’s delightful work at her Etsy shop, The Dancing Cat Fine Art and Prints.


Have a wonderful day friends and stay cool ~


Tara Dillard said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the picture tour.

Something deeply rewarding knowing the common & Latin names.


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Time for a book of your beautiful photographs and yes, a bouquet of herbs - divine as can be! Happy weekend. XO

Lisa @ The Lisa Porter Collection said...

I'll do the common, Tara can do the Latin, and Barb, you can do the publishing. Sounds like a swell idea! Thanks for stopping by friends.

Karen Albert said...

Lisa just beautiful!! It is sweltering here and we do need rain!

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Rebecca said...

Beautiful photographs of your greens! Nice blog too! Glad I found you!

~ Becky

Renae Moore said...

Beautiful Friend! You and your camera are a beautiful team. Lovely garden...well put prose!


shiree segerstrom said...

Hi Lisa, I haven't stopped by in awhile. Crazy busy here, decorating other people's homes in California. In a good way, thought. Love your lamb's ears, lavender, thyme, dusty miller. All my favorites. Have you been to Sissinghurst? I hear the white garden is amazing. Hugs dear girl, Shiree'