The iPad For Photographers

Sure looks like Spring.

DSC_0769 Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter Collection

Sure smells like Spring.

DSC_0771 Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter CollectionThen I step outdoors ~ We're not quite there yet.

Think I'll stay indoors a little longer. Since you're here, are you interested in learning something new?

iPad birdy 1 Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter Collection

A few favorite stylists and photographer friends have inspired me to look at my photos in a different light. Question ~ like me, do you ever find that when you take a photo, you sometimes miss the details that can make or break a great shot by simply looking through the viewfinder or squinting at the LCD panel on the back of your camera?

iPad birdy 2 Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter Collection

Here's the something new ~ I recently discovered that I can instantly view the shot that I just snapped, on the 9.7 inch screen of my iPad!

All you need is Apple's $29 iPad Camera Connection Kit and you're on your way to saving time & shooting like a pro!

ipad birdy Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter CollectionNow, whether I'm "on location" or at my kitchen table, my iPad is right there as well showing me all the details!

DSC_0765 Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter Collection

Are you thinking that I figured this out on my own? Hardly.

I downloaded Jeff Carlson's book, The iPad For Photographers. In very plain English, he discusses this and many other clever uses for iPads including triggering the camera shutter remotely, using the screen as a fill flash, calculating depth of field, tracking outdoor light conditions, and most important, storing camera manuals as PDFs for quick reference when you're out on location, or at your kitchen table.

Jeff Carlson The iPad for Photographers

If you love your iPad and enjoy taking pictures with your digital camera, you'll find the book to be a fun and informative read. It doesn't teach you how to use an iPad or how to be a great photographer but it does cover many ways to use your iPad to streamline and make photography more fun. Thank you Jeff Carlson!

See! Things are already looking brighter!

DSC_0758 Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter Collection


DSC_0759 Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter Collection

Might be time to go outdoors now ~

Photo | Lisa Porter for the Lisa Porter Collection

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The iPad for Photographers


Karena Albert said...

This is so cool Lisa! Does it amaze you as much as me how much there is to be learned out there. So glad that there are those like Jeff that explain in a way that can be understood! LOve your chicks!

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Renae Moore said...

Excellent! Love this..need to check it out. xoxo

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

So many cool things to do with an iPad. I love to know about this. And, the pics are wonderful; as always. ox

quintessence said...

Oh very interesting - I will have to check this out - thank you Lisa!! said...

Very cool, maybe with this book I can take better pictures for my blog. I keep hoping that Spring will actually show up and stay awhile. Sadly, its raining and cool. Better than the cold, snowy wnter, but still not quite what I was hoping for at the end of March.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Thank you so much for the tip! This is a great idea.

Patricia Gray said...

Hi Lisa
It was to good to hear from you and thank-you for your lovely comment on my blog posting.
All the best

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Thank you Lisa, I love new gadgets and ways to improve photography. Now if you could only find me more hours in a given day!!

Your photography is always incredible by the way!
xxoo Deb

shiree segerstrom said...

Great to know! I hope it's available for my new iPad mini! Hugs, Shiree'

Sue/the view from great island said...

This is so useful to know, I'm running out to the apple store today, thanks so much!

pve design said...

Oh my goodness, your little Spring birds are just so wonderful along with your passion for sharing good things and making me get excited for things to learn and to come.