Thinking about California this morning ~


Giannetti Architects | Photo | Lisa Romerein

Giannetti Architects


Family & friends, new & old, all up & down the coast ~


California Map Vintage 1930 Original Picture Map by SaturatedColor. via Etsy



Praying for calm ~


Giclee print on canvas of an original painting by Steve Giannetti



Keeping you all in our hearts as you battle the forces of nature & the unkind hand of man ~


Signature 2014


Interiors | Giannetti Architects   Photo | Lisa Romerein

Water and Air Series, No.81 Painting by Steve Giannetti
Courtesy of Brooke & Steve Giannetti

To learn more, visit Brooke Giannetti at Velvet & Linen


Karena Albert said...

Dear Lisa,
I Lived in San Diego 13 years, so have been thinking of so many of my friends and family... praying for all to be safe.

The Arts by Karena

Lisa Porter said...

I remember Karena. So many of us have lived there at one time or another. I think you'll agree that once you do, you consider it yours forever. I've loved stopping by your blog lately and catching up! Xo