Paul Bangay

Not your average "Bush."

Paul Bangay
Today it is a balmy 15 degrees in Lexington.
Perfect blogging weather wouldn't you say?
I am faithful.....
Spring will indeed come to my garden.
My large loyal boxwoods stand firmly at attention

as they appear to be
the only thing alive on my property.
So I am planning.

I am thinking that the boxwoods deserve a fresh "do" so that the spring tulips don't get all the attention.
I am turning the pages of Paul Bangay's

Garden Design Handbook
and I'm certain that with his help,
we will look spiffy for Spring!

Have a look at these other inspiring gardens
and the wonderful architecture

that can be achieved with these little green bushes.

Happy Gardening

to you and to all my family & friends out west!

What a nice little family.
This might be just the ticket!
If I had these guys then I could finally retire
my Bush For President yard sign!

I can't help it.
I am an impassioned Texan.
This first lady proves that just like before, there is life after the White House.

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