A Place for Everything

A place for everything & everything in it’s place!

storage by baigre


With my collection of straw hats, this would be the perfect solution!


However, that’s just not the way it is around here. I wish!

basic stuff I dream about having all the closets in my house clean & organized.

Good luck Lisa!

I did go without closet doors in the master for a year. That kept things orderly. Now I have very pretty doors that swing open to reveal full-length mirrors and even nice little hooks like these.

 Martha Stewart

This does not mean that I have mastered the space. It just means that what’s going on in there is behind closed doors & what happens in the closet stays in the closet!

Honestly, the MR. would be happy with this.

valet via Brie Williams

Brie Williams

Which would pretty much be a dream come true. MR. could have a valet and I could have this!

Dream Storage

Consider the amenities...pullout shelves for folded items, cubbies ample room for handbags.

Dream Storage

Tilted shoe racks with a bench nearby, drawers in a variety of widths, and hanging racks for blouses, suits, and evening gowns. Oh & a window for natural light & fresh flowers!

Dream Storage

If I had to share, I would need to go into organization overload for you know who.

There is literally a place for everything in this highly organized closet. Every shirt has it’s own compartment. Shawls are displayed on poles. Shoes are dust-free and neatly labeled in clear boxes.

 House Beautiful

Lined drawers in Hermés orange moiré & pegs to hang Hermés bags. How divine!

 House Beautiful

Wood stained in a deep walnut sets the mood in this handsome space. They must be newlyweds who still enjoy getting dressed & undressed together. This appears to be a gentleman’s closet & she doesn’t mind a bit!

Better Homes & Gardens

Speaking of ties....this fellow has one for every occasion.

roland bello

Roland Bello

She definitely has stuff too.... I wonder if she has a limit on the amount of items she buys in order to stay neatly in those spaces!

storage by Annie Schlechter

Annie Schlechter

I have had to get very creative at times depending on where we lived & how many there were of us. What I have found is that you don’t need to add a wing or build new storage.

pumps by sandra lane

Sandra Lane

You just need to get busy! Once you start arranging by shape or color or invest in some great old cabinets or baskets, what was once clutter can become a collection!

hat rack by anders gramer

Anders Gramer

So when you’re drooling over the latest & greatest that life has to offer...this month, try to remember, perfection leaves little room for improvement!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love an organized closet! Although hubby has just about as much in clothes and shoes as I do! We have one of those organizing systems in our closet, which definitely helps. I also weed out every season {things we haven't worn in over a year}.

Willow Decor said...

Oh to be so organized...

Maya said...

I want to organize my walk in closet now!

Marcy said...

Our old cottage has very small closets so your advice is excellent about being creative with storage.

And I love your message that "perfection leave little room for improvement!"

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

DROOLING would be the operative word....

Ahhhh, to dream!

Jo said...

If only ......


CRICKET said...

You make everything look beautiful! Who knew organizing could be drool worthy.

Anonymous said...

The photos are beautiful. I have very little storage space too. I've been using old wallpapered hatboxes and and baskets to try to keep things tidy. Now I'm going the next step and just getting rid of things I don't really need. It's a very calming experience!

susan said so said...

I've been collecting images of beautifully organized storage for some time. About 6 weeks ago we were up to our necks in home improvement projects, cleaning out, and packing up to put our house on the market. At the height of the mess I longed for just one drawer with organized contents. Those images kept me inspired, even when I couldn't find ANYTHING! Here's my post from that time: http://confessionsofasineater.blogspot.com/2009/09/middle-of-difficulty.html

Thanks for another great post. : )


secret word: ovisfust

sophie dahy designs said...

I would love any of those amazing closet. Can you imagine having that many Hermes bags?!!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Swoon. Gasp. ENVY! These are just beautiful! I wonder if I clicked my heels and said, "I am Martha, I am Martha", what would happen? Dreaming, again...

Anne Marie said...

I had to tell you how much I like that picture of the hats in such a unique display/storage; I truly have never seen another unit like that! awesome.......

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I love that hat arrangement.

Renee Finberg said...

i love this post.
i need to get organized in the worst way.....i just hate doing it.

and congratz on your award from renae!!!


The enchanted home said...

I am dreaming of the day that I get to walk into my closet and feelin like I am walking into a boutique! Loove this post! So beautiful and inspirational and certainly one of the best I have seen all week....being a major handbag aficianado..I could never have too much room for my bags, and forget the shoes..I mean I could have a whole room just for them....then the accessories...and of course sweaters and dresses..and then the scarves...and yea forgot the hubby, he gets to have a little corner too..lol! Well clearly we have our work cut out for us...but this post was very very inspirational and I am most definitely going to bookmark it to come back and drool over these magnificent spaces! Thanks Lisa!!