Thank You Williams-Sonoma

I have been preparing Thanksgiving dinner for my family for the last 15 years. You know who taught me how...this gentleman.

Chuck Williams

I was with Williams-Sonoma for many wonderful years , the last few as a special events coordinator in Southern California at South Coast Plaza. During that time, I had the privilege of getting to know Chuck Williams.

Sitting with him in the stock room prior to a book signing event for his Complete Entertaining Cookbook, we discussed  family, cooking & traditions.  We agreed that Thanksgiving has always been most memorable with good friends & good food lovingly prepared and served in classic Williams-Sonoma style!

This year, Mr. Williams and his wonderful "foodies" at Williams-Sonoma have provided you with a Thanksgiving Menu Booklet!  Download this step by step brochure full of recipes, and a timeline for planning ahead!

The prospect of hosting a Thanksgiving celebration can be daunting! It is, after all, traditionally a big meal with many elements to manage, including shopping.
They have even gone ahead & made your grocery list!  I wonder if they deliver?

A well stocked pantry is a must to preparing a wonderful feast with ease. Many of these items are year round staples in my pantry.  Preparing any meal with Williams-Sonoma specialty foods saves time in the kitchen and preserves the authentic homemade flavors we love.

It also helps to have the right tools! My son will tell you that I do have a pretty nifty kitchen drawer filled with fantabulous tools & gadgets!   His favorite is my kitchen torch!  The brochure provides tips & a tool list too!

Whether preparing handed-down favorites or creating a new tradition of your own, Williams-Sonoma can help. If your meal is genuine and satisfying, you and your family and guests will have a memorable occasion.

In our home, when we come together with family and friends to express, through words, laughter and the pleasures of the table, how grateful we are to have one another, that is our perfect Thanksgiving.

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