Beachcombing & Shoptalk with Tim Clarke

Santa Monica interior designer Tim Clarke is well known for creating sophisticated, unique spaces inspired by modern classicism.  His signature coastal-influenced aesthetic is highly sought-after by clients who want a new interpretation of a modern beach home.
Coastal Modern is the very essence of the perfect beach house: Beautiful, inviting spaces that encourage warmth, community, and ease.
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Though Tim borrows from the clean lines and well thought out simplicity of modern design, it is softened by organic shapes and textures.
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He includes vintage pieces, locally sourced materials, and objects and mixes them into a soothing, muted color palette inspired by the colors of the beach and the sea.
dining coastal modern living room
Named for the lifeguard station located just down the block, Tower 20 is Tim Clarke's popular retail store in Santa Monica, California. His eponymous retail location was opened in response to a demand by other interior designers and clients who wanted to purchase the unusual and eclectic furnishings and objects for which he is so well known. 
Tim has a very simple goal: to infuse inspiration drawn from the coastal lifestyle and the essence of the "perfect beach house" into any space, regardless of size or location.
From recycled teak tables and hand-blown glass hurricanes by impossible-to-find Belgian designers hand-made wooden furniture created by Italian skateboarders in Wyoming. 
Gathering together a highly edited selection of art, objects, books, sophisticated textiles, and custom furnishings made to order, Tim Clarke Interiors and his Tower 20 offer products and inspiration unavailable anywhere else.
"The contrast of this smooth, wide-plank table pared with tactile wicker chairs exemplifies the sensory experience of furnishings often found in a beach house, but this look works everywhere!"
"The juxtaposition of sleek organic, Asian zen with classic French,...creates a calm but stimulating mood. The beach always comes out in my work, whether or not the project is on the water, because let's face it: Relaxed chic works anywhere." Tim Clarke
Speaking of the beach, just across the street from the big blue Pacific ocean is another one of Tim's business ventures, the Blue Plate Oysterette.
bpo logo
He and owner Jenny Morton have created a restaurant with good old fashioned seaside charm!
bpo front
A striped awning defines the sidewalk terrace outside with 3 covet-able, at least on a balmy night, wooden picnic tables.
BP interior
And inside everyone is having a great time as a couple, friends, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters commandeer a table or space at the bar.
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Tim Clarke Interiors, Tower 20 and now Blue Plate Oysterette all share Tim's common goal: to infuse inspiration drawn from the coastal lifestyle and bring the essence of California beach life into any space, regardless of size or location.

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