Go outside & play!

It's warm outside & in about an hour my house will be crawling with kids. This is a good thing!

Thank goodness we live next to one of the most amazing parks in Lexington, Kentucky. 

This is where they will eventually head off to. Frisbee golf is a favorite, course below, along with volleyball, kite flying, and soaking up the sun!

At the end of the day they will return, hot, dirty, happy and hungry! A sure sign of time well-spent outside.
So since I need to scoot, I thought I would leave you with something light & airy to enjoy and I wish you lot's of sunshine. Now go outside & play!

 The incredible art of Guido Cozzi.
Born in Florence in 1962, Guido Cozzi started taking photographs as a child, and has worked as a professional photographer since 1987. He is also one of the co-founders of the Atlantide Phototravel agency, a small group of journalists who share an interest in the extraordinary adventure of daily life!


Karena said...

Lisa, Love the photography, just beautiful. The weather is beautiful here all week!

Art by Karena

Amanda said...

Thank goodness Spring is here. I am so enjoying starting to garden and spend some time outside after all the gloomy rain. You have a way of putting images together in such a beautiful way...you should be an art curator!

xx Amanda

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Love the map of the play zones Lisa....in fact I want to come and play there. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and we are all going to get some sunshine and warm temps to kick off Easter weekend. Have a great Easter weekend and a Easter egg hunt? XO

Maya said...

Beautiful still life photographs. I once wanted to become a professional photographer but then changed my mind. Still love photography though.

Maya @ Completely Coastal

Renae said...

Having kids around is THE best. I know great fun was had by all and I imagine you had all kinds of goodies waiting for all those sweaty, hungry kids!

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!


Alicia said...

Perfection in photography!!! It certainly reeks of spring. Now wheere are the sneezes??? Have a lovely Easter.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Lisa - What an incredible park. You are one lucky family. I love he art & I love the thought of tired,hungry kids! Your a great mom.

Happy Easter weekend to you all x