Go outside & play!

It's warm outside & in about an hour my house will be crawling with kids. This is a good thing!

Thank goodness we live next to one of the most amazing parks in Lexington, Kentucky. 

This is where they will eventually head off to. Frisbee golf is a favorite, course below, along with volleyball, kite flying, and soaking up the sun!

At the end of the day they will return, hot, dirty, happy and hungry! A sure sign of time well-spent outside.
So since I need to scoot, I thought I would leave you with something light & airy to enjoy and I wish you lot's of sunshine. Now go outside & play!

 The incredible art of Guido Cozzi.
Born in Florence in 1962, Guido Cozzi started taking photographs as a child, and has worked as a professional photographer since 1987. He is also one of the co-founders of the Atlantide Phototravel agency, a small group of journalists who share an interest in the extraordinary adventure of daily life!
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