To make a day.

To make a day takes a morning and an evening.
During the holidays it takes much more than that.
There's card writing, gift wrapping, tree trimming, cookie baking, party giving and much, much more.
Perhaps these are the ingredients for your day too.
This is about the time when I begin to droop as my list of holiday "should do's" becomes longer, not shorter
You bet it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas because we are busy doing it! Yes, we are, performing miracles, and making dreams come true, all in a day!
Wouldn't the real miracle of Christmas be if we slowed down so that our holiday traditions & celebrations became authentic, meaningful, and memorable for all the right reasons?
Mother Nature has a way of taking care of that!

Look at your list. Choose to let only what you love best about the holidays remain. Cross out a couple of "should do's" and realize that you can't do everything.  Not all at once. Not in a day.
Now there's time for play and making snowballs with the first snow.
Now there's time for more comfort & joy!

I do hope your lists get shorter and you have time to enjoy these days among all the rush & pitter-patter!
A few of you have inquired about what cookbook I was looking through that morning. It's
  Delicious Flavors by Victoria Amory and it's a go-to cookbook for recipes that please both guests and family every time.
If you love snow days as much as I do and would like my Orange Glazed Cinnamon Rolls recipe, head over to Nest where author Tamara Stephenson (who loves snow days too) shared my recipe!
Also, join me and other hosts & hostesses at Tablescape Thursday @
 Between Naps On The Porch!
All photos: Lisa Porter