Chopping & Baking at PorterRanch

  This is the weekend
 we'll go & chop down our tree
 & this is when all the fun begins!
We have only a dusting of snow
 & are expecting more tomorrow.
 Which means I will also be
 in my nice warm kitchen baking!
 Baking & boxing
 Christmas cookies for everyone!
Now, let me ask you,
 do you start from scratch
 or do you start from the big tub
 of Nestle Toll House Cookies
 that you bake at 350
 for 9 to 11 minutes?
 Have you all seen
 what some very talented
 cookie makers are pulling
 out of their ovens? 

It's an edible winter wonderland.
  Kind of gave me a bit of anxiety
 when I saw the level of artistry.
  These are my favorite.
  Old fashioned like my grandmother
 used to make. 
I like to actually see the cookie part
 since I'm not an icing kind of girl.
 It's how the cookie part tastes
 that's most important, right?
This is a pretty departure
 from the typical red & green.
  I like that too!
And these golden angels are
 pretty enough to hang on the tree!
 When you bake for someone,
 you're giving more than cookies.
 Layers and layers of buttery goodness
 wrapped in wax paper also says
 "I love you."
More artistry using that
 swirly swivel toothpick technique thingy.
  I think these are actually
 going to be ornaments...
These would win the prize
 at the Porter's.
Gingerbread is our favorite!
Before I go preheat the oven,
 I want to show all of you smart designers
 the gorgeous creations by
 Rogue Confections.
Handmade, pure Belgian chocolates
 adorned with edible inspiration
 from vintage wallpaper patterns.
These handmade pretties
 were produced in the kitchen
 of ex-television set designer,
 Sherri Adler. 
You can visit Rogue Confections
 to learn more,
 or you could stop by PorterRanch
 & have some of these!
Baked with love of course!
xo Lisa

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