The Wood Pile

Honey, where should we store the left-over wood?   tumblr
Last year while on the Ashland Porch & Garden Tour I spotted this!  A beautifully stacked & natural low wall dividing the garden & carport. Genius!
photo Lisa Porter
       What a great way to enclose one side of the back porch.  Love the window! 
The garage is a great place to store & keep the wood dry...as long as you don't need to park your car there.
In the winter I like to keep part of the wood close at hand like this short stack just off of the kitchen.
seenandsaid via desire to inspire
Definitely, a man cave below and this man is pretty well stocked up for a long weekend.  Just look at the bar! Somebody tell me, are those bear paws on the books?
Now I could live with this.  At least for the winter...Maybe.
Wood adds a cozy feel to this kitchen & compliments the island and shelving.
Never knew wood could look so sophisticated.
Never really thought of it as art either.
This is so type-A it sends a shiver...Hey, maybe that's what they're going for!  Wait a second, where's the fireplace?
This, however, is gorgeous!  Love the horizontal stained plank walls & natural rough-sawn ceiling.  Of course, I love the touches of Hermes orange too!
Elle Decor
I'm not really sure if this is indoors or out but it works and what a great idea for an outdoor cabinet!
This is most definitely out & the way a serious woodpile is supposed to be stacked.
Donna Griffith for Home & Country
This is NOT how wood is supposed to be stacked!  What a cute little cottage inviting the bugs, varmints & other little critters inside for a cool place to live in the summer!
source This, however, absolutely warms my heart and is what I'm looking for in the Fall!
Meanwhile, what's left of ours will be way outback...somewhere.
photo  Keiko Oikawa
Out of sight, out of mind, till next year.
One more thing!
I was reading The Daily Basics this morning and read a great article about this fun book & thought it was a natural link for all that firewood!
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