The Wood Pile

Honey, where should we store the left-over wood?   tumblr
Last year while on the Ashland Porch & Garden Tour I spotted this!  A beautifully stacked & natural low wall dividing the garden & car port. Genius!
photo Lisa Porter
       What a great way to enclose one side of the back porch.  Love the window! 
The garage is a great place to store & keep the wood long as you don't need to park your car there.
In the winter I like to keep part of the wood close at hand like this short stack just off of the kitchen.
seenandsaid via desire to inspire
Definitely a man cave below and this man is pretty well stocked up for a long weekend.  Just look at the bar! Somebody tell me, are those bear paws on the books?
Now I could live with this.  At least for the winter....Maybe.
Wood adds a cozy feel to this kitchen & compliments the island and shelving.
Never knew wood could look so sophisticated.
Never really thought of it as art either.
This is so type-A it sends a shiver...Hey maybe that's what they're going for!  Wait a second, where's the fireplace?
This however is gorgeous!  Love the horizontal stained plank walls & natural rough-sawn ceiling.  Of course I love the touches of Hermes orange too!
Elle Decor
I'm not really sure if this is indoors or out but it works and what a great idea for an outdoor cabinet!
This is most definitely out & the way a serious wood pile is supposed to be stacked.
 Donna Griffith for Home & Country
This is NOT how wood is supposed to be stacked!  What a cute little cottage inviting the bugs, varmints & other little critters inside for a cool place to live in the summer!
source This however, absolutely warms my heart and is what I'm looking for in the Fall!
Meanwhile, what's left of ours will be way out back...somewhere.
 photo  Keiko Oikawa
Out of sight, out of mind, till next year.
One more thing!
I was reading The Daily Basics this morning and read a great article about this fun book & thought it was a natural link for all that firewood!
Stop by The Daily Basics to read more.


Jo said...

I wish I could share your enthusiasm but we build fires several nights in the past week. It’s been really damp and chilly here ~ ugh!

I’ll be passing these ideas along to my husband so he can get a little more creative with his stacking :)


Town and Country Mom said...

I love these photos. We were at my parents' this weekend, and I took so many pictures of my dad's wood shed, which he thought was so weird, of course. I will be posting them in the next week or two. He writes the date on the top log in each stack, so he makes sure to use the oldest wood first. My parents heat their entire house with wood, so they use a lot.

Blue Fruit said...

Oooh, what a smashing post this is! It's topical for me because I have just designed a fireplace for a client who wanted a real log burning variety, not the gas fake kind that I mostly get to do. So I used the logs as a feature in the wall.

Love your examples, love them all in fact. But the outdoor room, up the top, with the window in the log stack, that is insane! brilliant! {Would love to see how they actually built that framing!}

You are making me EXCITED for winter, now that we have just gone into autumn in Australia.

Willow Decor said...

I love this post! I have always adored wood piles inside a house. I love the textural element they bring. Perhaps its just my love of the log cabins - who knows? Beautiful post!!

mwaxter said...

What a neat post. I love all these great ideas....we actually spoke about doing something intesting too, was it ever done? No. Thanks for giving renewed hope and inspiration.

Karena said...

Lisa so many great images for wood stacks. Yes, watching out for the critters and bugs is a concern!!

Art by Karena

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Juju at Tales of said...

I think I love all of these.

JMW said...

I love the look of firewood in the kitchens - gorgeous! This really makes me miss our wood-burning fireplace. Our new house has a fireplace with gas logs and it's just not the same. We may need to change it back. :)

The enchanted home said...

Lisa..this is total genius! I love it..what wonderful but practical ideas. I love the idea of it acting as a "wall" on a porch or looks so pretty..and of course as any interior wall its incredible looking but not sure if most people could have that work for them. Love the look, you showed it in so many clever and stunning variations...very inspirational!! Thanks!

Liz said...

What a great little post! I thought I was completely sick of winter but now I am craving a fire place!

Anonymous said...


Kate Lewis said...

so many possibilities- makes me want to go buy some wood. i'm inspired. :)

Millie said...

Oh dear, looking at this MOTH has just failed How To Have Perfect Wood Piles 101 big-time!
Millie x
P.S. As I read this post the sound of his buzzing chain saw is echoing through the house!

GimletMommy said...

Stunning wood piles! We keep the bulk of ours outside and bring in what we need when needed.... the problem with that? Little field mice use it as a warm nook to breed more field mice. Eeeek!!! ;)

Love Where You LIve said...

i love this post! such great visuals! so many ideas! i may need to come back to this one!!

Carole said...

Love the idea of using it as a wall. This is the first yr that we didn't burn wood. Loved not having the mess in the house but I missed the warmth.

Kristin said...

Very cool images! Love them all!@