Geronimo Photo Credit: © CORBIS Photo Credit: © CORBIS

Nope, not that Geronimo.

This Geronimo in Santa Fe!

Nicole-Rodriguez-Gasperov-Santa-Fe-New-Mexico-2010-32   Located at 724 Canyon Road, the Historic Borrego House originally built in 1756 combines classic adobe style with early Territorial style architecture & lies in the heart of an historical district known to many as the "art and soul" of Santa Fe.

Photo, Lisa Porter

The importance of Canyon Road is known internationally, and the Historic Borrego House remains one of the crown jewels. 

Photo, Lisa PorterSince 1990, it's been home to the world renowned restaurant, Geronimo.  

Step inside and you are greeted by an enormous set of bleached and varnished moose antlers which are stunning against the creamy smooth adobe walls.

Photo, Lisa Porter

Being in an old home that pre-dates the United States, the restaurant is
comprised of several intimate dining rooms with beamed ceilings, fireplaces, and cushioned bancos.  During the snowy winter months, dinners are also served by the fire in the very cozy bar.  That's where Nancy {mom} spotted Meryl Streep!   I swear, the woman sees "everyone" in Santa Fe.

Photo, Lisa Porter   Moving on...all the dining areas are adjoined by a long narrow hall.

Photo, Lisa Porter

This is where I fell madly in love,

Original art, Geronimo with the floors!

Old brick with layers and layers and layers of brown & black paint, wax, and a spilled cocktail or two!  That's what one of Geronimo's owner told me.  I would consider him to be a credible source.

Photo, Lisa Porter

Nancy {mom} claims she heard at a cocktail party from a very credible source that, "at one time the local mine comptroller lived there and was in a shoot-out with Geronimo & that's how the establishment got it's name!"      

Photo, Lisa Porter

Her "source" tells her that he can walk into Geronimo and put his finger right into one of the bullet holes by the beehive fireplace in the bar!  Hmmmm.....

Original art, Geronimo

So while {Nancy} was looking all over for the bullet hole, I was drooling all over the floors.

Did I mention that we were there before dinner was being served? 

Thank goodness!

Photo, Lisa Porter

If you go, let me know because as I mentioned in "Good Morning Santa Fe" Canyon Road is not only home to one of Santa Fe’s many artistic communities. It is an ancient neighborhood of historic adobe houses, manicured courtyard gardens, and hidden alleys, all interspersed with some of the country's finest art galleries, interesting people & dining experiences!

Canyon Road, Lisa Porter

In my next post I'll take you grocery shopping in Tesuque Village with Pocahontas and Ali McGraw!

Taylor, Lisa Porter  

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Karena said...

Lisa, I loved your tour and the fabulous artwork. It looks to be a wonderful restaurant! (Incredible floors!)


Art by Karena

Anne Marie said...

if only I could tote along with you Lisa....I would absolutely LOVE to go that restaurant and stare at those paintings, floor, finge bullet holes and eat that food in that setting - oh my good gravy that would be dreamy! -

I'm staring at my Indian drawing right now - I've never posted about our collection, but let me just tell you that I serve dinner sometimes on our moose antler - it's quite the statement piece and looks awesome on the long farmhouse table we have....

hope you are doing well!!
(sure looks like it :)
Anne Marie

Renée Finberg said...

you get to do all the fun things!!!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

What a fun look at Geronimo and I agree about the floors. But, Taylor is THE star!! Love this ; ) oxo

Renae Moore said...

When I first saw the image of Geronimo, I thought I was looking at some of my old relatives! (no joke!). What a great adventure and Renee is right, you get to do ALL the fun stuff. :) I can see why you drooled over those floors. They are outstanding. Love how Nancy (mom) gets the 'scoop' on all the lowdown!

JMW said...

I've always want to go to Santa Fe! Thanks for posting these photos - great images of a very cool place.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

I absolutely LOVE those floors! I must figure out a way to include them in a project sometime in my life. Amazing place. Looking forward to more posts.

Love Where You LIve said...

Love this post, Lisa, especially since I'm not that far from Sante Fe. I will keep this restaurant in mind!! What a great trip. I want to leave now, as it's been a while since I've visited there. Last time was with girlfriends, which was a lot of fun! Take care.

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have now lived in Phoenix for 6 years and have somehow not been to Santa Fe. It is on my must see list.

In Geronimo I'll be torn to see the brick floors you loved while searching for the bullet hole. Did you ever find it Ms. Nancy? :)