The Best Hats For Summer

Are you a hat kind of gal?
I am.
june 15 002 unknown source
After my Derby hats are properly stored away. thebridescafe tumblr
It's time to switch gears.
 via pretty stuff tumblr
For many of us, it's time to get serious about protection from the sun.
For some it's time to put on your best party hat!
Honestly, I wouldn't be caught dead in this thing but I thought you would appreciate it.

This is more my style.  Love it, love the ribbon, the dress, the bag.  Ahhh ChanelChanel

Have you noticed all the vintage hats around the pool lately?  _l8pygr8iNo1qcktk9o1_500 via lapoupeeprincesse tumblr
Would love to find one of these!  This would be my mother's style.  The bigger the brim, the better.
vintage straw
  And no Kate Spade, this is not how I got to Greenwich Village when I was a young girl!
Kate Spade

This little summer tweed is sporty and perfect for running all over town.
tumblr_lgsyaiPJ1x1qc3htso1_400 via beklinaClassic.

I don't know that I could do this, but she sure can!
via zac-fashion.comRomantic with SPF 100!

via farmgirlinflipflops tumblr A respite from all the fuss. via made by gypsyI seriously love this.   via nicklecobalt tumblr
Who on earth?
via on sugar

Who is this?1via social survival tumblrI couldn't write this post and not include these handsome gentlemen. 
Besides, I  love a man in a classic boater.

2 via social survival tumblr
Love the baker boy too!
3 via social survival

This would be my absolute favorite for Fall!

Wish I knew the source!

But for now, in this darn heat, simple straw will do.
via studded hearts tumblrI hope you'll find your favorite style here or in my other summer collection of Splendid Straw!
Stay cool!


Jo said...

I've been known to melt over a pretty hat. I have a small {but growing} collection that includes a simple straw hat ready to go to the beach today ... pretty with protection.


Renée Finberg said...

i love hats.
but i am short 5'1.
i have quite a few, but never wear them i am i feel like 'tom thumb.'
my grandmother was a millinery model in the 1920's.
then later she ran a hat shop in houston,
so i have been around them and admired them all my life.
love this post!

Renae Moore said...

I love looking at hats but I do not look good in them. My mom always wore hats and still likes to sport them on occasion. I adore your selection!
Keep cool Girl!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

What lovely hat images. You look lovely as well in your hat image (your blogging icon).

I would love to see more Kentucky photos!

JMW said...

I ADORE hats, but only tend to wear them to Derby in the spring and if I attend, Breeders' Cup in the fall. Sometimes I do wear a nice little hat in winter. I have seen more women wearing straw hats at the pool this summer. I really should sport one, but I'm a sun bather, shame on me. It's been nice catching up on your other blog posts as well. Looks like the trip to Santa Fe was wonderful. And is that your patio in the post about tending your neighbor's garden? That's fabulous!!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Lisa, Just lovely ; ) I too, live in straw hats, everyday from May-October. H+M had the perfect Panama this year... I bought 3 of them and I've replaced the black ribbon with aqua twine. I love everything about straw hats!! OXO

Chic Coles said...

We love hats. I wear them all summer.Straw is my go to for most days.

Tamara Matthews-Stephenson said...

You have inspired me and I love this HAT post -- I have lots and for some reason when I put them on I often feel silly, but the Hampton Classic Horseshow is just around the corner, and I may pull out one of my straw versions and give it a twirl. xo tamara

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Lisa, what fun hats...I love them all! Wish men still wore hats every dashing!
Now, I'd wear more hats if I could just figure out how to avoid "hat hair." Is there a trick to that...taking off ones hat and having still lovely hair underneath? :)

Karena said...

Lisa I do love hats and have a special woven one from The French Basketeer!


Art by Karena

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Dumbwit Tellher said...

I have always shied away from hats but I secretly adore them. My mom wore hats beautifully on her 5'10" frame. My daughter Kate is shorter @ 5'5" but she can rock a hat very well. I think I need to re-visit my fear of the hat after reading your fabulous post Lisa. Stay cool my friend and stay the stylish woman we all admire! xo xo Deb

Linda Merrill said...

I love hats and wear them in the summer! I never thought of them as related to height. I'm only 5'2". My only problem is that my hair doesn't hold up to hat wearing, once I put it on, it has to stay on!

Sherry said...

Gorgeous hats!!! I love big, floppy hats right now! Love your blog!! :)

Norman Lamps said...

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