Grab a leash!

There are rainy, damp days when it’s the last  thing I  want to do,

and the only  thing she  wants to do.

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Go for a walk!


So I grab my favorite trench & umbrella and she grabs her leash & collar and off we go!


Sounds all civilized I know.

Trust me it’s not.  She has me all twisted  like this before  we step out of  the house!

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Once we’re outdoors, she behaves!


There are others watching you know.


The little ones are often scooped up when she comes barreling down the sidewalk.

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The brave little ones show no fear.


Problem is, she doesn’t like loud or fidgety little anythings.


She does love the big guys though. 

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She thinks they’re all horses!

Monty takes Tyler for a ride.

She is so very kind and mothering and will let us know if anyone is loose or lost.

Really, she whines and paces.

Last summer she befriended a young kitty.  They were besties until Mean Old MR. rolled up the “Welcome. We feed hungry kitties” mat!

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Here is a nice Mr. 

Maybe he’s  going to post a picture of that little guy to the www.  I bet he’ll  be back home with his master before you know it!


This MR. man looks nice too.

Seeee  how he’s welcoming that sweet little Pug into his house?

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This one knows she's not going far…

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Walks are for exercise and  for socializing right!

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Then there are those  who prefer to ride.

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Ahhhh, meet Mr. Happy Go Lucky!

Happy Go Lucky

What do you want to bet his motto is…

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Hey everyone sitting around the nice roaring fire!

We’re home!


That was great Mom.  Thanks.

Here are a couple of wonderful books to give as gifts or enjoy by the fire when you and your  best friend come in from a walk.

                                                       good dog, stayThe Other End Of The Leash

Before I close…

Get to know Monty the horse and Tyler the dog in a moving story below…

article-1231669-075B1CF9000005DC-220_468x581 via daily mail UK

It’s a beautiful story.  A fine father tells how writing about his only daughter's adventures with her horse Monty and dog Tyler has helped him keep her memory alive...
Read more about them

xo Lisa


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