A Gracious Gift

Tuesday October 18
Dear Mom,
  One of my favorite blogger friends is coming to Phoenix on Thursday.  I’m not sure what your schedule looks like but I was wondering if you would enjoy meeting her?  You know the blog Velvet & Linen?  Yes, it’s Brooke Giannetti and she’s in town for one day signing copies of her newly published book, Patina Style….
Nancy Adams Barnes
Laura Ingalls Gunn & Brooke Giannetti                            
Thursday October 20
“Lisa, it was soooooo much fun meeting Brooke...she is everything you said she would be.  A very warm and genuine person....a true gem!  On our next trip to California together it would be such a treat to see her again.  And the bonus of meeting Brooke was discovering Sweet Salvage & Laura Ingalls Gunn from Décor To Adore!   
Brooke signed our copies of Patina Style & yours is on it’s way.  What a fun day!
Love Mom”

Patina Style
Friday October 21
Dear Mom,
I’m thrilled that you took the opportunity to stop by Sweet Salvage and say hello to Brooke!  I knew you would love her.  I also want to take a moment here to remind you how special you are and to say “thank you.”   Taking time and taking care are two graces that you always carry with you.  They are also gifts that you give to everyone that you meet.   Your taking the time yesterday made everything so much more special and memorable for everyone involved.
I love you.

Thank you Brooke for your friendship and also taking time & taking care. xo
Thank you Laura Ingalls Gunn for introducing yourself & Décor to Adore, and for telling my mom that you read my blog. xo
Thank you Sweet Salvage for a wonderful day & extraordinary shopping event!
Oh, There’s More……
Thank you Joni Webb for hosting the most fabulous giveaway for Brooke & Steve Giannetti at Cote De Texas! 
Hurry, the contest ends tonight, Friday night at 11:59!
I’ll be waiting up for this one with my fingers crossed.
Remember also, if you want to order the book Patina Style, click here! 
Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Lisa
p.s. Did you notice the fabulous necklaces that those three gorgeous women are wearing?


Renae Moore said...

So sweet Lisa! Going over to Joni's right now!


Karena said...


How wonderful that your lovely Mother could attend Brooke's event and also meet Laura!! I can see what a special person your Mom is, just like her daughter!

Please keep me in your thoughts as I have a hip replacement surgery next week.


Art by Karena

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The first thing I said when I met the lovely mother, Nancy, was how much I liked her necklace.

Nancy you truly have such grace and style. Listen to Lisa and start a blog! I for one would hang on your every word.

Meeting you and hearing about your interesting life was a true highlight of my day. I even told Mr. Decor all about you. :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ok, Lisa...honestly I just want to pickle and bottle you...and preserve ya forever.

Love you...your mom...your family.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Lisa, this is such a lovely post! I am so happy that you and your mother were able to be there together.
I am keeping my fingers crossed too!
Have a nice weekend.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Hi Lisa! I enjoyed reading about your mom in this post! I entered joni's giveaway, I must be the only one with out a copy of Brooke's book!

Millie said...

I love that you & Nancy have similar interests Lisa! Brooke continues to amaze me with her boundless energy.
Millie xx

Renée Finberg said...

as always a sweet and beautiful post.

quintessence said...

Love this epistolary post!! So charming! I love Brooke too - can't wait to get my copy!!

Lisa said...

Stacey thank you so very much for visiting this morning! I always appreciate your eloquence...even if I occasionally need to "go look it up!" You always open new windows of wisdom. xo Lisa

epistolary or (archaic) epistolatory (ɪˈpɪstələrɪ)
1.   relating to, denoting, conducted by, or contained in letters
2.   (of a novel or other work) constructed in the form of a series of letters
epistolatory or (archaic) epistolatory