Breakfast with my honey.

Photo Lisa Porter
This is one of those posts that you think will just take a minute.  You suddenly have a bright idea for a story.
Photo Lisa Porter
So you grab your camera, pretend to be a food photographer, stylist or something. Tell your people to relax, try to ignore the raised eyebrows, remind them again that this will just take a second and that it’s not about them anyway!
Photo Lisa Porter
Then take a breather to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Smile. Take note of everyone's schedule & the lack of interest in your blog post. Smile some more because your creative juices are flowing. Pour yourself another cup of tea, grab your camera and disappear to your creative place.
Photo Lisa Porter
Before you know it…it’s noon and real life is calling!
Photo Lisa Porter
This was supposed to be a quick morning post!
As I was about to say hours ago… I love the taste of raw honey and MR. swears by the health benefits of a daily tablespoon of bee pollen!
So I decided to do a little research.
Photo Lisa Porter
{Honey contains a variety of flavonoids and phenolic acids, which act as antioxidants, scavenging and eliminating free radicals. Generally, darker kinds of honey have higher antioxidant content than lighter.} The National Honey Board
All I know about bee pollen is that bees collect & carry it in pouches on their hind legs!  Sound appetizing?
Photo Lisa Porter

R. Krell's paper on Value Added Products From Beekeeping published in 1996 is an excellent resource on bee pollen. I found this via a great blog called My New Roots.
Photo Lisa Porter
A & F Country Market in Ventura sells bee pollen to my California friends.
Anthony and Frank (A & F), own the roadside business that sells out-of-this-world fresh items!
Bee Pollen at A & F Country Market in Ventura California photo by J. Garbee
A small percentage of the population is severely allergic to bee pollen (particularly if you are allergic to bees or other bee products). Please use caution and common sense before introducing this food to your diet. My New Roots
Photo Lisa Porter
By the way, do you like granola?  Our favorite blend below is served up every morning at El Rancho de Los Caballeros ~ a dude ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona where we stay when we go home for the holidays!
Photo Lisa Porter
It’s their secret recipe and I was thrilled to no end when a blogger friend passed it along!
Photo Lisa Porter
Back to bees.
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
It’s best if you buy locally grown organic raw honey whenever you can. Locally grown because it’s produced by bees which are from the environment in which you live and fresh raw honey will also be tastier, and more potent.
via Oregon Wine Trail
It is always best to grow or consume foods from the area in which you live as they contain the immune-stimulating properties needed for your body to adapt to its environment.  Pretty smart huh!
 tractor by Alexandra Grablewski   And, when you buy from local independent farmers you help keep them in business, which is good for your economy.
Photo Lisa Porter
Besides honey & bee pollen, I could go on & on buzzing about all the gifts that bees bring to the table. I told you…better grab another cup.
honey via Oregon Wine Trail
My favorite being beeswax candlesBeeswax candles naturally clean the air, are drip-free, burn with a very bright flame and for a very long time!
Photo of Tall Natural Bees Wax Tapers via YourBeeswax on Etsy
Lorrie Tranberg makes these beautiful all-natural beeswax candles at home in California and offers them through her Etsy store, Your Beeswax.
Tall Natural Beeswax Candles by YourBeeswax on Etsy
According to the guys at This Old House, beeswax gives a fantastic polish to wood, metal, concrete counters and more.
I personally love Briwax.
Check out the This Old House list of 10 uses for beeswax here
I now have a whole new respect for apiarist but have no desire to turn my backyard into an apiary.
  Central Bee Keepers Supply
The only things bee-related in my backyard are bees, pollen, and decorative bee skeps.
 I love bee skeps!
Renee Granier, co-founder of the blog Under Spanish Moss offers this beautiful French bee skep at her shop, LaCaze.
LaCaze bee skep via Under Spanish Moss

It’s the weekend my friends so I will leave you with this… Always remember & never forget to…


Links to love.
My New Roots

This Old House
Ranch de Los Caballeros
The End.


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

WEll, those tiny little bees work hard for us, don't they? I am going tomorrow and get some candles and some darker honey.
As always, you write the most beautiful stories, Lisa.
Have a happy weekend.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

We ar so going to meet up one day at Los Cab Lisa! We can sweet talk them in to giving us some more recipes (their tortilla soup) and just maybe I will go for a trail ride. That granola is making the rounds, I keep those trays going! Such a fun and healthy post Lisa. Much love XO

quintessence said...

Love it all!! My sister had an Italian architect boyfriend for a while whose family had a apiary. She was very well informed on all the benefits of raw and organic honey!! :-)) Love your beautiful breakfast tablescape and I will have to go check out Sande's post - think I missed it - as well as your source for the beeswax candles which I love!! Wonderful Sunday morning chez vous!

Francine Gardner said...

I loved reading your post! It took many years before I would even taste honey, but in the winter, honey is my salvation with hot water and lemon. I have used Bees wax for years. Even in the showroom, steel and woof pieces are polished with beeswax.
Your breakfast setting is so fresh and divine, it makes me ache for summer. Thank you for such a beautiful and informative post.

Morning T said...

Great post Lisa and I too love the blog 'my new roots'. I've recreated a few of her recipes and just love them!

Thanks for sharing all of this great info.

Carole said...

Wow how beautiful and informative. I have decided to cut out sugar in my diet but can't give up honey though they say it's the same. I can't give it up


LLH Designs said...

I think every creative blogger can relate to the quick post that turns into an all day event! Our families would love getting together and laughing about us! :)

I love local honey...local anything really. I've always heard it was a great way to strengthen resistance to local allergies and with all my pollen issues, I consider that a great reason to add an extra follow of honey to my yogurt and granola and cup of tea!


Renae Moore said...

I love this Lisa and I can just picture the MR! I love your ramblings and sidetracks and then back to the point, just like telephone conversations! As always, creative and informative!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Hi Lisa! I adore every photo and I'm delighted to be introduced to My New Roots! Lavender honey [local of course] is my favorite. Marvelous whisked into some creme fraiche over berries. Happy weekend! OX, Boo

Kathysue said...

I love that we live in an area with farmland surrounding us so fresh local produce and honey are always available. Such great info on our busy little bee in this post, Kathysue

Michelle said...

This is beautiful Lisa...the only thing I don't like from bees is their sting! ;) Pollen is supposedly good for nursing mothers as well...thanks for your bon voyage wishes...will be thinking of you all...M

pve design said...

I want to make a bee line straight to your b'fast table.
adore honey and all that it inspires. I have a local friend who makes honey!