Sunday Morning & A Snow Day in March?


Here’s how it started Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning, photo, Lisa Porter

I was wigging out about these little Star Magnolia buds.

Sunday Morning, photo, Lisa Porter

Sunday Morning, photo, Lisa Porter

Sunday Morning, photo, Lisa Porter

And then this happened!

Yep.    Same bush.    Monday morning.    I give.

photo, Lisa Porter

My ornamental Cherry trees are laden with boughs of heavy, wet snow, their pink blossoms just barely open.


But these old girls should be fine.


The sun’s been shining all day long.


Oh it’s you. 

Still haven’t found your spot?


Back to the blossoms...

photo, Lisa Porter

and the last little bit…

photo, Lisa Porter

just barely hanging on.


Meanwhile.  Still searching.

photo, Lisa Porter

The end. 

I hope.

xo Lisa


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Chilly. Here too. 78. ;)

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

WEll you are one lucky lady! I haven't seen snow this year (tear, tear) but I am looking for a miracle before spring ushers its way in.
Happy Sunday.

Jo said...

The photographs are lovely ... but I sure hope that chilly coating isn't going to harm those beautiful buds!


Renae Moore said...

So pretty Lisa...had to put a sweater on here! No snow though!

Lipstick said...

So very pretty! I love the snow!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Lisa please visit my blog to help out a fellow Kentucky resident who is raising funds for a family devastated by the tornadoes. I was so glad to see you post on Sunday...assuming this meant you and your family are ok. :) Thanks!

JMW said...

This weather has been crazy! 70 and tornadoes on Friday, snow today and warm again tomorrow. The snow was beautiful and to see it draped over cherry blossoms that are already blooming in our neighborhood is, again, crazy! (Your pup is adorable, by the way.)

shiree segerstrom said...

I didn't realize you got snow in Kentucky! It looks like Gracie is enjoying herself. Love the shot of her head buried, and nothing showing but her rear end! Shiree'