Tee Time


On Tuesday my son played in his first Junior Invitational!

photo courtesy The Masters via Google images

I think I may have been a tad more excited about this than he was so it was decided by the father & son that the father would drop him off and the mother would stay home and garden or do something.

photo by Reddington for Getty Images via Google images

So there I was...standing in the driveway, waving good-bye with the sunscreen in one hand and an extra Gatorade in the other, slight tilt of the head, watery eyes, little smile, big deep breath, and being a very good sport.

Masters Leaderboard 2011 via Google images



Then he called.

photo by Harry How for Getty Images via Google Images

“Ok, so you can come towards the end of the day if you swear up one side and down the other not point your camera anywhere in my direction or in the direction of the other players.” CNP




The tournament was held at Connemara Golf Course just minutes from our home outside of Lexington.

Built in 1992, Connemara Golf Course is situated amidst the rolling hills of Connemara Farm which dates to 1833.

There were golfers walking by.

Finally a handsome old duffer who was willing to pose!

I guess he greets players as they finish & head in to the clubhouse.

He said this would be a good place to wait.

So we waited.

More golfers walking by.

Did I mention that it was sunny & 77 that afternoon?

It was getting later & later & I started to wonder.

Then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse…


XO Mom

A great way to play.

Link to KCAA

A great place to play!


Another great place to play!

Link to The Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta Georgia

Have a good one!

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