All Smiles

Dishes done, dessert in the oven, the house wide open and plenty of evening left.


On Easter we enjoyed an early dinner after the guys played nine which gave this mom time to pause & appreciate the day.  I rarely “pause” in the kitchen so I decided to document it.  This always clears the room!

Everyone made a bee line to the family room to watch the final round of The Masters.


Finally! Time to share with you a couple of little Easter treats that landed in my basket at the market. Nope, not the fruit silly. I’m talking about the adorable Lilly Pulitzer box of Barnum’s Animal Crackers!

DSC_0191 I must have been in an exceptionally good mood while shopping because all sorts of bright & cheery products were finding their way into my basket. Listen, Christ had risen & it was time to celebrate!



Have you tried

Sanpelligrino Limonata?!?


They come in a sunny four pack to share nicely with others – if you want to.


The roar of the gallery in the other room and my dessert timer going off paused my “pause”…


I stashed my goodies & continued with tradition by dishing up my Great Aunt Eloise Stinson’s Apricot Cake for us all to enjoy while watching the adorable Bubba Watson win his first Masters!

note This year, Lilly Pulitzer and BARNUM'S ANIMALS have partnered with Operation Smile, an international charity that provides free surgery for children born with cleft lips and cleft palates.

source As the adorable boxes create smiles nationwide, they also are creating awareness for children who can't smile because of these facial deformities.

  I urge you to read this wonderful interview at A Colorful Blog

where Kathy Magee, Co-Founder and President of Operation Smile shares with Lilly Pulitzer how she & husband Dr. Bill Magee began their wonderful mission to bring smiles to those in need.

Operation Smile 

And one more thing…if you love Barnum’s Animal Crackers as much as I do you’ll appreciate that Lilly's Animal Cracker Tracker is back!  See the map below - I pinned the location where this darling box jumped right into this mom’s Easter basket!  Come on Lexingtonians - The greatest gift one can give is a smile!

Animal Crackers Tracker via Lilly Pulitzer

BTW, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Bubba won.



Thank you dear readers who have inquired.

Here’s the story behind the recipe of


Aunt Eloise Stinson’s Apricot Cake 

I hope you love it!



Unless sourced, all photos Lisa Porter


Renée Finberg said...

i swear.
you are on the cutting edge of all things new and cool.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I bought a box to stick in the Fashionista's Easter basket. Great minds.... :)

We live in a lake community that is located in the West valley. :)

Town and Country Mom said...

Love this post--it made me smile. I will be tracking down some LP Animal Crackers this spring--they will be the perfect favor for the graduation lunch I'm hosting, and I might even tie a box on gifts, too. You've put a "spring" in my step! Have a great weekend!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Dayumnation! I am really wanting an animal cracker! LOVE the peak into your fresh and lovely kitchen.

LOVE limonatta....and the blood orange one...AND the apple!

shiree segerstrom said...

Hi Lisa! This post took me right back to the days when Christian was little and his wonderful father was still alive. Those were the very best. We mom's always seem to be the last ones left in the kitchen, wiping down the counters and pulling the pie out of the oven. By the way, I love traditions too and still bake my oft-used recipes for breads, pies, and cakes. Love and hugs, Shiree'

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Lisa, your writing, your photos always..always make me feel good. I don't just me mean 'good', I mean GOOD. Your post with your family recipes and photos, just takes me back to a time and place. I cherish those recipes cards that are tattered, splattered and worn; each and every one of them that have my dear mom and my two grandmother's handwriting. Now they are among the most precious of things. You always write from your heart and that's why everything you write is so GOOD. Your Easter sounded nothing short but perfect.
oxo Deb

Karena said...

Oh Lisa such a bright and sunny feel good post!! I must try the Limonatta!! The Apricot Cake as well!

A wonderful Easter all round!

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Art by Karen

Katherine said...

My Grandmother used to buy me animal crackers when we went to the grocery together. As a little girl the yummy treat always made me smile, so I think matching them with such an important program like Operation Smile is a perfect match.
Happily I'll skip over to the donation site via your link. :)

quintessence said...

YUM! I am definitely checking out the apricot cake recipe and love hat Lilly paired with Barnum's to give back to Operation Smile - what a wonderful creative collaboration!!

helen tilston said...

Hello Lisa

I loved this post and the cake recipe sounds delicious. I love the Limonata and may I suggest the Grapefruit, it is incredibly delicious.
As your new follower I look forward to your visit and comments
Helen xx

Fifi Flowers said...

You make animal crackers look so elegant!