Mother & her nature.

Every morning bright & early my feathered friends begin their bird song and I am reminded -

the birds call

the day begins

and I am alive

                                                               Maori proverb

Every spring I find myself on my knees doing what I suppose most gardeners at some point do – help a youngster whose outgrown the warmth & security of their nest.

Ipad April 26 017

It’s my nature to nurture at least for a little while & if they chose to stay I would absolutely offer up fine residence.

Something along the lines of this charming birdcage that I spotted in Country Living at home in an Ohio farmhouse.

photo Max Kim-Bee for Country Living

I will gladly listen to their chattering warble, twittering high notes & conversational sounds every day!

Perhaps an assortment of shapes & sizes would be best like this garden variety that my friend Brooke Giannetti found while antiquing up in the bay area.

 Photo courtesy of Brooke Giannetti taken at Big Daddy Antiques / San Francisco

Belgian decorator Natalie Haegeman shelters her feathered friends in this gorgeous aviary in her Antwerp orangerie!

photo courtesy of Natalie Haegeman

So, are you interested in learning more about   the lyrical 397px-VillageBirdsFlorenceMerriamnightingale or does your idea of the typical field guide have you running for your life like Tippi Hedren in The Birds?


Well, I have discovered two delightful books that will have you twittering like a modern day ornithologist!

One is ‘Birdsong’ by Madeleine Floyd.

The book includes both delightful drawings of birds with their specific eggs & details of the songs and sounds they make along with amusing anecdotes.  Madeleine Floyd’s ‘Birdsong’, published by National Trust Books.

I discovered the book & read a delightful review  at the blog Atticus and Finch.

Be sure to visit the website of Madeline Floyd. I promise she’s not your ordinary ornithologist!


No binoculars needed when you take a field trip through The Birding Life:A Passion for Birds at Home and Afield 

Birding_Life_cover via the Skirted Roundtable

“In the form of bird-themed art and décor, the beauty of winged creatures informs the “nests” and working spaces of the birders, artists, collectors, and conservationists featured in the more than twenty delightfully written stories in The Birding Life.” Amazon

I discovered this fascinating & gorgeous book over at The Skirted Roundtable where the ladies had a chat with one of the authors, Carol Sheehan.  A great interview!

  I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Time now to go outside & play.signature


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet...You truly ARE a nurturer...every cell of ya!

quintessence said...

I LOVE your chic new header!! I am not so terribly knowledgeable about birds but we have practically a bird sanctuary outside our kitchen window where my husband strategically placed a couple of feeders. Every morning it's a cacophony of bird calls and a furry of feathers - you would love it!! Must check out that wonderful looking volume!

Renae Moore said...

We have 4 little birdies just waiting to spring from their nest. I watch and watch and make sure not one has hit the ground. I love watching the Mama and Papa feed and check on the youngsters.
It's felt like California weather here the last two days, loving it as I know it's fleeting.

shiree segerstrom said...

As I write this from my fiance's kitchen table cum SSID office desk I am peering out at a mama dove sitting atop her almost grown baby. This is the fourth mother and child doves I've watched here. The spot is a favorite with the local population. A few years ago I sold some very special birdhouses from my home and garden store. Looking back, I wished I'd saved them for you know who! Love your bird house choices Lisa. Shiree'

mikky said...

Hi Lisa,

That photo of the bird in the pompom winter hat with luggage is just too adorable! And I love these beautiful bird houses (hate calling them cages), I especially like the one with the clock base. Great post.