Claude A. Simard - Inspiration

Every now and then we’ll chat via email. When he’s at home, conversations are about summer & winter, gardening & grandchildren, Windsor & Newton, Labradors & life on the lake.

Garden  Courtesy, Claude A. Simard

His Cultivated Garden.

Supplies purchased in England. Courtesy, Claude A. Simard His Supplies.

Flanelle at the lake.  Courtesy, Claude A. Simard

His Labrador named Flanelle.

 When he’s traveling, conversations vary from market day in St-Rémy-de-Provence to his preference of Châteauneuf du Pape over champagne and he’ll always include a beautiful sketch, or a snapshot.

“Here is proof I've been working hard in Paris for the past two weeks. Claude A” 

Courtesy, Claude A. Simard

This one, most likely taken by his muse, his beautiful wife Huguette, at a café where he recently spent his days sketching the beauty of the city. He wrote,

“No Eiffel towers, I promise!”

Courtesy, Claude A. Simard

In the Spring of 2011 his beautiful new book arrived at my doorstep. I was flattered by the expression of such a kind gesture, and at the same time humbled by the sincerity of the handwritten note inside. Thank you Claude.

Inspiration by Claude A. Simard

The book, titled Inspiration is an observation of life guided by the heart, seen through the eyes, and painted by the hand of Claude A. Simard.

Claude A. Simard from his book Inspiration

A delightful foreword by Alan Klinkhoff and illustrated with 125 color plates, this collection of paintings & tales of travel are both elegant and charming!

Huguette in Blue | Claude A. Simard  Courtesy, Claude A. Simard | Inspiration

Huguette in Blue | Claude A. Simard

Acrylic on canvas 2001, 30 x 36’’



Barberino | Claude A. Simard  Courtesy, Claude A. Simard | Inspiration

Barberino | Claude A. Simard

Ink and watercolor on paper 2007, carnet d’Italie



His paintings borrow the soft lavender of the  countryside. Shades from buff to whitish gray are reflected in the architecture.

Roadside House | Claude A. Simard  Courtesy Claude A. Simard | Inspiration

Roadside House | Claude A. Simard

Watercolor on paper 2010, 8 x 11’’



The rich ochre of an ancient farmhouse atop a beautiful hill overlooking vineyards under a big blue cerulean sky.

En marchant avec Rosalina | Claude A. Simard  Courtesy, Claude A. Simard | Inspiration

En marchant avec Rosalina dans le vignoble de Montalpruno | Claude A. Simard

Ink and watercolor on paper 2002, carnet d’Italie


Mr. Simard’s Inspiration  animates his vision and gives the reader much more than a casual glance at his subjects. This man is also quite the raconteurHis lively stories of sojourns with family and friends & his charming character had me sitting at his table and ordering another glass of Châteauneuf du Pape!  Artist, Claude A. Simard

Claude and I became acquainted a couple of years ago when he emailed to say, “Happy Holidays!” and tell me that he was a new reader!  I clicked the link to his website & instantly fell in love with his work!  I was thrilled when he agreed to sit down for a visit with TLPC so that we could learn more! You can read my in-depth interview with this most charming man here. 

A Visit With Claude Simard.


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Click to order Inspiration by Claude A. Simard

Thank you again Claude for continuing to inspire us all!

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pve design said...

inspiring. tres inspiring.

Henhurst Interiors said...

A wonderful introduction to a talented artist and an interesting, soulful person. I agree that sorrows can be cured in the garden. Thanks so much.
All best,

annechovie said...

Hello Lisa~
Thanks for your visit and sweet comment and also for introducing me to Claude and his exceptional work!
Have a great weekend! xx

Nantucket Daffodil said...

I have a soft spot Lisa for gardeners....especially those that can paint! Thanks for introducing was a pleasure to visit Claude's site!

Renae Moore said...

I love his work...great colors and a bit of whimsey. Barberino reminds me of California.
What a treasure you have and a new friend!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi, Lisa ~
I enjoyed learning about Claude Simard. And, seeing his beautiful watercolors. I admire your friendship, and hope you'll continue sharing more on Claude.
Greetings from DC!