Green Envy

Last week I had my eye on three beautiful green bookcases in the lovely Vermont home of Phyllis Trevor Higgerson of Henhurst Interiors.  I was also admiring this incredible green library by designer Charles SpadaI seem to be crazy for green lately!

 Charles Spada

This morning I was visiting Michele Ginnerty of My Notting Hill where she was posting on the 2012 Richmond Show House. I saw these custom shelves, painted in Pickle No. 37, and I about fell over! You must see her gem of a post. 

via My Notting Hill

I also popped in to see Renee Finberg where she ‘TELLS ALL’ in her blog of her Adventures in Design and had to sit down.  Her post today on benches started with this gorgeous lacquered entry!

House Beautiful via Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her blog of her Adventures in Design

Love this amazing combination of greens pulled together by the darling Blair Eadie. In fact I love everything she pulls together! Stop by and visit her at her personal fashion blog, Atlantic-PacificShe’s got terrific style & I hear she is so nice! 

You’ll want to raid her closet!


This would make for a speedy get-away don’t you think?

1952 Jaguar C-type via Google Images

Yes, I’m already missing the color & scent of summer. This reminds me to call Nancy Toon & order my favorite Privet from Hound Hill Design.

My Privet Candle from Hound Hill Design

Guaranteed to fill the house with the scent of a freshly trimmed privet in the dead of winter!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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