Are you a blog dog?

If you are, then grab a leash and come on over!
Oh don't be bashful, you know who you are!
You're a very Chic bunch and your blogger moms have been going Coconuts posting pictures of you and telling the whole world just how wonderful you are! My mom is guilty of the same Whimsical behavior right here on her blog!
If we haven't had the pleasure
 of meeting at the park,
then allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Kentucky Oaks Bluegrass Grace. 
 But you can call me Gracie.
I'm blogging to tell you that For The Love of all dogs, I've started a facebook page.
The Gracie Porter Collection!
I know, I know, how am I ever going to Master such a thing.
Well, my blogger mom has Dog-Eared a bit of her precious time to lend a hand but it's up to all of us to make it a fun and entertaining place to gather!
Bee a good dog and send me some of those pictures and a brief bark about what makes your tail wag!
Your blogger mom has posted them and
Love Where You Live, but tell me a bit about your Big Easy Life.
I want the slobbery truth ok?
You don't have to be a Black Lab.  
Maybe you're the Flowery Type who's about to
start conformation classes in Texas. 
Before you know it you'll be a
Consummate Hostess!  
Maybe you're still just a puppy who likes to run through the house with your dirty Wet Nose

  Maybe you're a new mommy who just had a whole litter of puppies as soft as Velvet?  
Did you get a new collar that arrived all
Gift Wrapped?
Do you have questions?  I have answers.
 I welcome you to sit & stay at
The Gracie Porter Collection
where I'm inviting all good dogs to play
indoors & out!
Grab a link if you like, 
and remember, my facebook page isn't a place just for girls, boys are welcome too but no barking allowed! 
And for gosh sakes, make sure you clicked on all the colorful links above. 
You will find all kinds of dog-loving bloggers!
All of the nifty goodies here are from my mom's favorite doggy shop, Mascot!
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