Dear friends,

Dear friends,
To begin the new year I wanted my first post to be a gift for you!
The incredible artistry of
is a perfect way to show you how much you are truly appreciated. 


In preparing to write, I've gone through my ritual of preparing a quiet comfort zone that helps to ease me back into a creative mindset.
Next to me is a new notebook and a cup of my favorite pens and pencils, along with a pile of dog-eared books. A new wide screen and keyboard thanks to my loving family, my itunes, and I'm good to go.


I'm not alone, I have Gracie snoring away at my feet and I'm in the company of saints.
All of you!

I know that each of you has your own authentic voice and message and way of inspiring us all.
I look forward to the work of your hearts, hands, and minds to once again get my own creative juices flowing.
It's going to be a great year, I just know it!


In closing,
I urge you to visit Karen Appleton and learn more about this delightful artist!

                       "self portrait"

"I began painting gift wrapped presents over six years ago, and though I am tempted by new subject matter from time to time, the bow continues to pull me back." Karen Appleton

Also visit Karen's blog to study her process, peek at her studio, and see her other creative concepts to keep the art of giving alive!

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