Good Morning Santa Fe!

Make mine sunny side up!

photo Lisa Porter

On our recent trip to Santa Fe, my mother and daughter joined me every morning for breakfast on the patio at La Posada.

photo Lisa Porter

Yes, this is blog-worthy news. 

You see, my mother & daughter are not morning people, and the daughter doesn't generally do breakfast.

photo Lisa Porter

But, holy guacamole, get the girls on a little vacay and they rise & shine & dive right in!

On this particular morning I went for the Huevos Rancheros and my Taylor enjoyed the Eggs Benedict, with milk, tea, oh & coffee too!

photo Lisa Porter

Melt in your mouth goodness on a blue corn tortilla.

Nana was smart and kept it light & healthy!

photo Lisa Porter

After all, we had a full day ahead...

photo Lisa Porter

Gallery hopping and fabulous shopping was at our beckon call.

May 29, 2011 Ipad Santa fe 384

On Canyon Road.    

photo Lisa Porter

Canyon Road in Santa Fe has over a hundred art galleries in a mile stretch.  These include world class Native American, Contemporary, Historic, and Internationally recognized artists.  

Historic architecture, sculpture, and gardens oh my!  

photo Lisa Porter

Ok, and a little stalking did occur. 

photo Lisa Porter  This little beauty was tucked behind the gallery where I discovered artist Lisa Linch.

Titles usually give insight into the artist's vision of a particular painting.

Bridging The Divide by Lisa Linch

"Bridging the Divide"  Oil on Canvas 48x46

Indian Summer by Lisa Linch

"Indian Summer"  Oil on Canvas  56x42

I just thought they were very pretty!

The garden next door at Patricia Carlisle Fine Art was also very pretty.

photo Lisa Porter

A perfect setting for the incredibly quiet bronze sculptures by

David Pearson. 

Bronze Sculpture by David Pearson

My favorite.

Bronze Sculpture by David Pearson

Serenity and peace in the garden made solid with such skilled hands.

Bronze Sculpture by David Pearson 

I finally felt myself slowing down to Santa Fe speed.

My mother's favorite stop is always

Morning Star Gallery 

for antique Native American art.

photo Lisa Porter

She pulled up a chair and had a chat with the owner while Taylor and I had a look around.  Nana's been up & down this road many times! 

Ute Woman's Boots, Moccasins & Leggings
Circa 1880s

photo Lisa Porter

Classic native tanned hide with yellow ochre pigment and beaded panels.

photo Lisa Porter

 Just beautiful!

photo Lisa Porter

  Thought my son would appreciate this Alaskan Inuit Gut Parka.

photo Lisa Porter

Mid-20th century classic pull-over style parka made of walrus/seal intestine and sewn with beach grass.


Hau, which means "helloooo"

is a greeting still used by the Sioux Indian today.

photo Lisa Porter  Taylor was still outside loving every inch of this life size bear.

photo Lisa Porter

He was really quite loveable in bronze,

photo Lisa Porter

all the way down to his massive paw!

photo Lisa Porter

Across Canyon Road we found

The Selby Fleetwood Gallery.  

Selby Fleetwood GalleryAn amazing sculpture that seemed to be catching the breeze, by

 Christina Chalmers.

Christina Chalmers

Chalmers gives the formless form using materials in both an organic and intuitive way in each unique piece!

Christina Chalmers  There was more to enjoy out in the courtyard and garden.

Christina ChalmersA welcoming bronze on a pedestal and a life size sweeping dress also by Christina Chalmers.  Christina Chalmers

There is so much to enjoy about Canyon Road. The art, the architecture, the gardens, and even the unexpected.

Taylor Porter Santa Fe 2011

It's Santa Fe style at it's best.

photo Lisa Porter

all photos Lisa Porter


pve design said...

I must go with my day. I fear my Mom might not be able to make it but what a glorious spot to share the light, color, tastes and sights!

5 said...

what a perfect girls outing!
oh lisa those 'dress forms', particularly the one set in a garden takes my breath away.

thank you for the little get-away, your photography, with such clear reality, brings your images to life

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Lovely photos of a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing.

LLH Designs said...

I'm not a morning person, but breakfast is my favorite meal! And I love Santa Fe. We were supposed to stay two nights there while on our Gand Canyon trip, but had to cut our trip short. Glad you're enjoying!


quintessence said...

Thank you for the vicarious visit - what a glorious day!! Amazing food, art, company and clearly weather - lovely!!

cindy said...

How wonderful that you brought us along!!! Thank you...beautiful post as always, I feel as though I was there!

Carollynn @ said...

What an amazing vacation you're having! Food, location, art, does it get any better than that?

Renae Moore said...

Oh much fun. I know you were in hogs heaven with all of the art galleries. Those sculptures are amazing and your photography captured all beautifully. I haven't been to Santa Fe since I was a wee girl.. Love that bike Taylor found (and her red hair). Where was a picture of you? :)

for the love of a house said...

Such beautiful photos- all of them! Your daughter is lovely; this looks like a vacation to remember!