Over Time

Remember my post about Time...  


The one I wrote about making the most of it.


Well, today I made some for myself.

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But Time's twin nature which the ancient Greeks called Chronos and Kairos is playing havoc with me lately.


Chronos is keeping track of time.


Kairos is taking her sweet time.


Chronos is determined to find the time.


Kairos has plenty.

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Chronos is in a hurry.

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Kairos is not.

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We do in chronos. 

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In kairos we're allowed to be.

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Chronos is time at her worst.  


Kairos is time at her best.


Chronos plays it safe.


Kairos let's go!

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Chronos is a delusion of grandeur.

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Kairos is transcendence & joy.

March 5 2011 045

Chronos is either sink or swim.


Kairos is floating.  

Chronos requires speed so it won't be wasted.

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Kairos requires space so that it can be savored.

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It only takes a moment to cross over from Chronos into Kairos, but it does take a moment.

I've missed you dear friends and am looking forward to plenty of Kairos with you all!


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Kathysue said...

Hi Lisa, I love this post!!! You are so right it only takes a moment, Kathysue

The enchanted home said...

LOVE THIS POST. I am a total chronos who needs a bit more Kairos in my life. I do need to stop, slow down and realyl smell the roses. I am doing that this week, took a few days off and am at the beach. It is so relaxing but my mind is still racing with all I have to do, and I am doing my darnest to put it in the back of my mind and tell myself its a time out from thinking about "stuff" and the clock starts again when I get home. Wishing you a Kairos filled summer.

for the love of a house said...

I needed to read this today... thank you!

wishing you a lovely day!

Jo said...

Need this today ...

I'm trying to find my summer routine. During the school year I'm going non stop at top speed. Once summer hits I find myself going in circles not sure what to do with all my time. Focus!


Renae Moore said...

Soooo, what did you do for yourself?
Love this post...I can certainly waste plenty of it!

christina @greige and my sparrow said...


It has been a while! I hope all is well with you! This is so true..

Have a wonderful weekend!


quintessence said...

Looking forward to a little Kairos as well!!

5th and State said...

oh how timely lisa. i envy kairos as i am a total chronos with work demands

the moment i give in to kairos, 'guiltus' takes over, actually 'he' is tapping me on the shoulder this moment. thank you for the reminder

LLH Designs said...

So good, Lisa. It's been a kairos kind of year for me, but I didn't know the word for it. Time is such a gift. Spending it well is my desire.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

When you find that ideal balance, would you please pass on the secret, the balance, the recipe, or is it, the formula, for this ill managed, time-crunched, no excuse for a friend, gal? Real friends stay the course, thick and thin, picking up as though the tea barely had time to cool. I think you have many..many of those friends, but you do have one of those in me and I hope it seems that way? Family, life, home, must come first. As women we need to understand that always. Again, another gorgeous, thought provoking post reminding me of life's thin line and fine balance.

Big HUG xx Deb