Swim Style

Can I ask you a question? 
What is your favorite Swimsuit Style? 

Vintage is in vogue and the one piece is better than ever!

Photo | Galaxie Andrews

Let me ask you another question.  
Do you simply sunbathe, 


or do you jump right in?

Do you have a matching ensemble?

Do you have different swimsuits for different occasions?

I do.  
I also like to mix it up like this,

and this.

Remember those elastic smocked swimsuits? Gosh they were so cute and itchy!

This is more my daughter's style.
Ahhhh those were the days!

This was my mother's version of a bikini. 
Uh oh, pull that strap up!

This would be my version of bikini.
Love the hat, the necklace, and the briefs!

Or better yet....

Click on the sunglasses to read a story about when I was a young girl swimsuit shopping in Greenwich Village!

Last question. 
What is your SPF Style? 
 It's the most important thing you can wear. 

Click {Our Bods} where my friends at 
Fab Over 50 have posted a very interesting link on the subject!


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Karena said...

Hi Lisa, I am a one piece person now unless I am on a European beach!!

I use a moisturizer with SPF 15 year round & 30 sunscreen for anytime at pool or beach.

Love Fab over 50!

Art by Karena

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I would love to own bathing after bathing suit. I've always had just...brace yourself..one at a time. I'm a one piece girl and I'm seen so many from JCrew that I'd love to be sporting this summer. I think if I didn't have such awful legs, I'd have many suits. I only wear one out of necessity. Maybe next life, I'll be blessed with great gams!! As for SPF, wear on my face daily #30 & outside 45+. I'm so far skinned & blue eyed that I'm a magnet for cataracts and skin cancer. Sexy huh? Yup, that's me!! The Anthro. suit, that would be what I would wear if I could. I feel like swimming now; "Em get out the floaties"!!
Loved this post Lisa. I swear I can smell Sun In, those were the days. xo xo

Kathysue said...

Lisa, I am a one-piece with a pariah tied at my waist and a big hat and sunglasses. I use a 100spf on my face and a 70spf on my body. No longer a sun worshiper but I have a pool and love vacations by the water. I use to be a bikini gal in my younger years but back in the day it was just a two-piece. I am going to hop on over to the other article. Kathysue

Angela Parmer Duke said...

I LOVE ALL OF THESE!! I love the vintage suits, and in my opinion they're classics, so they're always in style!!
I especially love the back of the b&w striped one. love a good bow. so cute!!

Splendid Sass said...

Love your story, as always, Lisa! I can picture it all now. I too had a tiny bikini. Those were the days. Now I wear a black one piece!
I adore the black and white striped bathing suit with the bow! Well, I love them all, but it is my favorite.
hat for sharing another great story.

The Entertaining House said...

One piece is my style these days... (the joys of three pregnancies will keep me in one pieces for the rest of my years!) I like simple. Elegant yet practical. I sunbathe but I also dive right in!

LOVEing this piece! xoxo

The enchanted home said...

Lisa...l.love this post! And loved your 16year old bathing suit shopping story even more...WOW! Thats one for the history books! Love that fabric too...so French.
Well after seeing these uber svelete bodies in all these fabulous little bathing suits, it reminds me to start exercising and toning more! But putting my green envy aside, I have "graduated" from bikini baring to one piece wonders (begrudgingly I might add) When I had totally flat abs and a tiny waist my 2 pieces were spot on, but I am smart enough to know everything has its time, and the time for 2 piece wonders has come and gone:) I am much more of a sun bather than one to jump right in, though until a few years ago I enjoyed swimming not wading but true swimming in the ocean, now I am much more vain and have my hair to consider :)
Excellent post and loved the picture that "told the story" beautifully!
Stop by, doing an amazing giveaway, a gorgeous Kilim bench!

Mel@Georgica Pond said...

Have to say I'm a traditional two piece bikini kind of girl. I love having as much of a golden tan as possible, although I do wear minimum 30+, but love having an all over bronze rather than the big chunks of white that you generally get with one pieces swimsuits. While I can still wear them, I'm always an advocate of the bikini!