Swim Style

Can I ask you a question? 
What is your favorite Swimsuit Style? 

Vintage is in vogue and the one-piece is better than ever!

Photo | Galaxie Andrews

Let me ask you another question.  
Do you simply sunbathe, 


or do you jump right in?

Do you have a matching ensemble?

Do you have different swimsuits for different occasions?

I do.  
I also like to mix it up like this,

and this.

Remember those elastic smocked swimsuits? Gosh, they were so cute and itchy!

This is more my daughter's style.
Ahhhh those were the days!

This was my mother's version of a bikini. 
Uh oh, pull that strap up!

This would be my version of a bikini.
Love the hat, the necklace, and the briefs!

Or better yet...

Click on the sunglasses to read a story about when I was a young girl swimsuit shopping in Greenwich Village!

Last question. 
What is your SPF Style? 
 It's the most important thing you can wear. 

Click {Our Bods} where my friends at 
Fab Over 50 have posted a very interesting link on the subject!

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