Pretty Papers & Inspiring Women

A personal note added to a previous post!
This morning I received the latest news from luxury stationer William Arthur. 
Their creative blog, to which I subscribe, is penned by a good friend & keeps an educated audience while discussing sartorial stationery, salutations, and many other interesting topics pertaining to their pretty papers.
This morning she highlighted a Vera Wang Opal Tulle Pocket with Oyster White Invitation which is inspired by one of the dressmaker’s wedding gowns.
Wedding Dress, Vera Wang on Weddings 
Their creative pairings of paper and fashion instantly reminded me of the book Paper Illusions by Barbara and René Stoeltie.
Paper Illusions
The book features the paper artistry of
Isabelle de BorchgravePhoto: René Stoeltie
Isabelle de Borchgrave brings long-lost fashions to life through an intricate process of tailoring, crumpling, braiding, pleating, and painting paper.
Isabelle de BorchgravePhoto: René Stoeltie
Enjoy more of her beautiful work in the book
Paper Illusions.
click to order at
To quote the folks at William Arthur,
“Inspiration comes in many forms."
Speaking of inspiration ~ My mother is an artist.
On canvas, in the garden and in everyday life she inspires me and anyone who comes to know her ~ if they can keep up with her! Today she received an early birthday surprise. A few of her dear & inspiring friends took her to lunch and a lecture/slideshow at The Phoenix Art Museum. Guess who was lecturing?
Isabelle de Borchgrave!
What a fabulous artist. What great friends. What a fun day!
Afterwards Isabelle de Borchgrave was signing copies of her book and was kind to pose with my mom for a birthday picture ~ Thank you Isabelle!

Hope you're having an inspirational week too!
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