When you take it all off at the end of the day ~

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Where does your jewelry land?

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The special pieces that you want to have on hand.

Do you tuck them away or keep them on display?

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Do you use a jewelry box or have a secret hiding place?

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I remember my mother, my aunt, and my grandmother all having beautiful jewelry boxes.

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They were made of wood and covered in leather with gold decorative accents. Open them up and they smelled of Norell, Joy, and Chanel.

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  They had many compartments & velvet lined trays with dividers for everything imaginable.

I remember as a little girl, spending hours coordinating clip-on earrings with cocktail rings and imagining where I would wear them all!

These days, I’m doing good to remember a watch and rather than a jewelry box, I choose more creative ways of displaying the pieces I wear most often. This is more my style.


I’m not using photos of my own jewelry, so I thought I’d share the many beautiful ways in which others display their favorite pieces. Starting with this personal photo that my dear friend and high school classmate Ann has so graciously shared.

While visiting (and sorely missing the company of) one of my daughters in Newport, I snapped this photo of her bedside in our hotel as my souvenir....reminding me of her essential spirit.Thank you Ann for sending this along. She’s a beautiful spirit & so are you!


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Which would you choose ~ a tray or a tree?

I love the photo below of boutique owner Jessika Goranson’s dressing table.

A tiered server, mirrored tray, and small porcelain saucers serve as resting places for her assortment of jewelry along with the more traditional stack of leather boxes. See the rest of her charming upper east side apartment in the latest issue of Lonny.

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For the gal who likes to color coordinate her beads & baubles, even when she’s not wearing them, an antique wood dresser complete with drawer organizers becomes the ultimate jewelry box! 

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For the more understated. A goblet or small sterling dish will do.

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For others, a pretty mirror serves two purposes.

Laney of Downtown Romatic via The Glitter Guide

Sarah Yates who authors A House in the Hills turned a tangled mess into a “dream system” that she say’s even Martha would be proud of.

A House in the Hills

I’m impressed!

A House in the Hills

From daytime on in to the evening, some girls never stop ~

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She might enjoy this ultimate travel jewelry case from Clos-ette Too ~ it’s as chic as it is functional.

Clos-ette Too

For organizing just about anything anywhere, The Container Store. 

And for the girl who’s loyal to the old fashioned jewelry box there’s always a find at Etsy.

Victorian Flower Papered Dresser Keepsake Jewelry Box offered by Kathi Roussel at Etsy

Happy Weekend Friends!



Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

My fave is a friend who has deer antlers in her closet....all of her necklaces and bracelets are hanging from them!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

How about you Lisa? I am simple, I have a Tiffany silver ring and matching bracelet. I always leave the ring on, I lay the bracelet and my diamond (faux) stud earrings on a monogrammed lucite tray. I also have a Cape Code bracelet which I occasionally wear, and a rope bracelet for summer. I have several other pieces as well, but tend to keep it simple. Loving the different routines each woman follows.

Renae Moore said...

I have a jewelry box the MR got me years ago from The Bombay Company that has 3 drawers and the top opens. I hang my neck pieces on hangers above the chest in my closet. I don't have lots of jewelry, it's not my thing really. I do have signature pieces I wear all the time and of course all silver!


Katherine said...

I need to have something built in to the walk in cupboard system so everything is together. Right now I have a beautiful wood jewel box - the kind with the velvet sections inside, two other burl wood boxes for smaller things, and on my dressing table a small silver tray with the 'daily' things I put on.
I'm pretty girlie when it comes to this type of thing.

The enchanted home said...

What a gorgeous post. I love jewelry, real, good fake, costume..its all good. I have a lot and a better system or better yet need to devote an entire day to getting it put into a nice neat system! I am going to visit the link you recommended as I am most impressed with how organized it is. Beautiful post!!

LPC said...

A 3-drawered Pottery Barn jewelry box. And a safe:).

mwaxter said...

I bought a really neat antique tabletop jewelry box and keep everything there. I dont' have a ton but its nice to have everything in one convenient place.