Creative Juices

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Let’s face it, they don’t always flow.

Sometimes I have to be patient and take my time.

Time to consider, time to reflect, time to clean out the cobwebs.

It’s easy to write about what everyone is talking about.

It takes time to emerge and be authentic.

via one deep breath

Writing rituals ease me into the creative flow.

These rituals begin in a quiet comfortable place. I bring along my notebook filled with good humor & grace, meditative thoughts & marvelous ideas ~ My iPad, my favorite writing pen, a pile of dog-eared books & magazines and I’m ready to settle in.

 via one deep breath

I should mention that during this time I’m seldom ever alone.

One page leads to another ~ hours pass and I often find myself in the company of saints.

Authors, poets, photographers, gardeners, designers, bloggers, survivors, mothers, daughters, mentors and friends ~ Each of whom has their own authentic voice and what seems to be a special message just for me.

 I’m incredibly inspired by the work of their hands, their hearts, and their minds.

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Before I close, let me ask you ~

How do you get your creative juices flowing?

Do you have rituals?

We’d all love to know.

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