batterie de cuisine

Batterie de cuisine. English translation, pots & pans. I have plenty from my years with Williams-Sonoma however, my favorite is my French copper. 

While many American chefs have copper, it's often used for display rather than for cooking. I try to use mine as much as possible and in more ways than one. My fish poacher comes in very handy for corralling oils & spices.

My training at Williams-Sonoma taught me a valuable lesson about this cookware’s unique attributes beyond its elegance and durability. Quick, uniform heat diffusion across the bottom and sides of a copper pot guarantees a heavenly sauce!

 Often handed down from generation to generation. Some prefer the patina of a much-loved piece. Every once in a while, though, it may be in need of a good cleaning.

I have a method that is simple and green…...lemon and coarse grain salt. 

All it just takes a little elbow grease and a nice day!

This method takes much less time and I think works better than commercial copper preparations but it's messy so I choose to do it outdoors. 
A quick rinse and dry and you are finished.

French copper is traditionally the highest in quality and remains the standard by which other copper is measured. Chuck Williams introduced Mauviel copper cookware to American home cooks in 1962. Today Williams-Sonoma carries two of the finest brands of copper cookware in the world.

All-Clad and Mauviel.

A French original, since 1830 Mauviel copper cookware is my favorite and has stood the test of time. For more than 175 years, it has been the choice of the world's leading kitchens, from hotels and restaurants to the cooking schools of Paris. 

When I'm antiquing I often see nice pieces like this beautiful 19th-century French copper cooking pot! They wouldn't budge from $800 ~ Like I said, I love my old copper!
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