It's that time of year...

A quick hello to you all. My apologies for my lack of posts lately.  With spring formals and graduation upon us, i'm up to my eyeballs in pretty dresses, polish, boutonnieres & yes, boat shoes! 
I'll be back with y'all soon.


Karena said...

What an adorable take on Seersucker, the dress is darling.

Art by Karena

JMW said...

Love that dress and where can I get it?! Best of luck with the graduations and formals. Busy, busy time of year!

Coty Farquhar said...

Lisa, We will talk when you're back,

I'm away this weekend as well, then back next week ready to start term 2 at School.

Love the stripes and the little blue ribbon on the dress, that's what my wedding looks like, I mean engagement ring!!. A gold bow with the little stitches on the edge. You know me and bows.

It sounds like you're having lots of fun,

xxxxxxxxxxx Coty

Jo said...

Lovely! Enjoy this exciting time.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said... the seersucker! Have a great spring!

Teresa Hatfield said...

My youngest graduated from high school two years ago. Amidst the senior dress, gifts for everyone, all of the parties and meetings and the week of graduation, I thought I would collapse. It is such an emotional time.
I made it through it, and as I look back on that time, I realize how precious it was. Sniff, sniff.
Two years from now I will be going through graduation again -- this time college. Where does time go?
My son will be getting married in June. That is usually on the mother's agenda, but I will have plenty to do as time gets closer. Parties have already begun.
My point through these few paragraphs is this ~ ENJOY every minute.

red ticking said...

enjoy and relish these times... so precious... happy spring... sorry i have been a stranger... xx