Mother Nature

Study the cycles of Mother Nature.
Listen to the garden whispers.
They correspond with the cycles of life.
Quiet your mind.
Rope in the restlesness.
Be here.
Learn to labor.
Learn to wait.
Learn to wait expectantly.

Wishing You, Hubby, Lucy & the babies all the best.
One of my favorite places to visit is with Trina at
A beautiful home where she shares her story about a renovation journey, country life, healthy living and their growing family! You'll want to stay for the weekend.


Elizabeth said...

what a sweet post to your friend. i love her blog too and was so happy to read their news, especially after a long journey

Anne Marie said...

Hi Lisa! I haven't seen her space yet, but will do that right away - thanks! Hope you are well and enjoying your summer......

Anne Marie

annechovie said...

Have a lovely weekend, Lisa and congratulations to your friend. xx

A Country Farmhouse said...

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for the well wishes and words of wisdom. As I grow each day (and I'm sure I'm growing daily), I do feel especially connected to the beautiful rhythms of dear Mother Nature.

I also feel such a strong bond with the wonderful women of this world and their loving and generous hearts.

Thank you for your loving and generous heart.


Millie said...

What a beautiful post to honour dear Trina! What a wise woman you are Lisa.
Millie ^_^

pve design said...

I know that "Country Farmhouse's heart" will grow with the love of a baby. I love the way a baby can make a house a home full of love, life, laughter and memories.
Trina deserves the best baby in the world.

Cote de Texas said...

going to check it out right now!
i hope you are having a great summer!!!

Marcy {pine creek cottage} said...

Wasn't it exciting to learn the news - and twins! She and her hubby are creating a beautiful home - I adore her style - it is one of my favorite blogs.

eddieross said...

Such a sweet post!

Eddie & Jaithan

Anonymous said...

Very nice of you to honor Trina.
She is a very nice lady and has a beautiful blog.
I wish her and her hubby many happy memories with the babies.
I also visit her blog and have shared a few email, with her. I spent many happy times in her area.

Tamara said...

what a sweet post - the joys of pregnancy are so relatively short (although it can seem forever while you are experiencing each phase) but long after the memories stay in such detail. I am the godmother of twins and they are such a wonder to behold and how lucky for a mom to have that gift. Best, Tamara