Who Inspired Who?

It's been nice & quiet around here this morning, one of the many joys of summertime. So I've been reading and catching up with many of you. I was just visiting the charming Decor8  where Holly's guest posted a question to readers asking
"Who Inspired You To Blog?"
 My inspiration came one evening while I was online researching something in Santa Barbara, California.
One click and everything changed.
I found Brooke Giannetti at Velvet & Linen!

I thought, who is this delightful woman and what is a blog?
 I read on and soon became enveloped by her warm & friendly welcome to a corner of her world.

I came to realize that her "blog" is a place where she shares her love of design & the meaningful aesthetics she brings to everyday life. When she teams up with her husband, architect Steve Giannetti, the results are stunning. Always in a refreshingly humble manner, Brooke shares her retail & design expertise and a bit of family life too.
She get's up early to tell us something interesting & new, answer all our questions about drywall, show us what she and daughter, Leila have planted in the front garden and even has time to visit with the ladies at The Skirted Round Table!
She supports and inspire us to no end.
So to continue with a wonderful idea, I urge you all to share with us your thoughts about who inspired you to start your blog!
Thank you Brooke for inspiring me to write my blog and to share a corner of my world.

Have you ordered your copy of the Giannetti's new book, Patina Style?
I have!

Click the book to order your copy!

Photos courtesy Brooke Giannetti, Velvet & Linen


Velvet and Linen said...

I don't know what to say, Lisa!
To find out that I have inspired such a talented woman, is an incredible honor.
Thank you for this beautiful post and for continuing to inspire me and your other followers and friends.

xo xo

Maria Killam said...

I love Brooke too! And what a lovely post, I have already written something similar about how I got started so I guess I can't do it again!! Darn!
Your blog is so lovely LIsa!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm glad Brooke inspired you Lisa (& inspiring she & her husband are) as your blog is filled with such beauty, fabulous design, and positive energy. You have a way of connecting and I believe that is a vital part of blogging.

Would you believe I had never read a blog until I started mine? I slowly became fascinated by the idea and took the leap not knowing anyone that did. My friends still think I'm a bit odd, as do my children. They believe friends who you've never met are not friends & I'm wasting my time. I guess it's one of those, 'don't knock it until you've tried it' moments!!

Thanks for sharing your corner of the world dear Lisa. Your the best xx

Mona Thompson said...

What a wonderful tribute to such an excellent blogger. She has always been an inspiration to me as well. I have just found your blog and so glad I did. Have a great weekend.

Fifi Flowers said...

FAB post! YOUR blog inspires moi all the time!

annechovie said...

What a great post, Lisa! Brooke is an amazing talent. Holly Becker really inspired me 3 years ago to start my blog. She has always been so supportive and inspiring. Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend! xx

Jo said...

What a touching post. I love to peek in from time to time ~ always something to bring a smile. The feeling continues with your blog ~ always top notch with such delightful photos, thoughts and inspirations!

Have a wonderful weekend ~

Greet said...

I have to say that even for me it was Brooke from Velvet and Linen that inspired me to start my own blog! After following her blog for a few months I decided to start my own blog and to email Brooke to let her know about it! She introduced me to the blogger community!! I am so thankful to Brooke for this, I will never forget that!

Millie said...

Totally agree with you Lisa - Brooke is such a sweetie, always so kind, generous & supportive of her friends in the blogging community. A lovely idea to post about - it was the gorgeous Queen Anna over @ Villa Anna who was responsible for unleashing The Hedge onto the world. I miss her scrumptious & inspirational posts more than she'll ever know.
Millie ^_^

Michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean Lisa, Brooke is an amazing talent! She also seems to have a great balance of family and work, which I have much respect for.

Hope you are having a great summer :)


Karena said...

Lisa, first, I want to let you know that you are the winner of the gorgeous Vintage Ornate Pillow fron Anita the owner of Pillow Mint!!! Send your contact information to me.

My inspiration to blog came from Patricia Shackelford, Mrs Blandings! We both live in the Kansas City area and I had beeen following her for some time. She encouraged me and gave me so much support and help to get started with Blogger.

Since then so many friends , too numerous to mention (you know who you are) Have been there for me always!!

Art by Karena

La Dolfina said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for gracing my blog with your loveliness.
Like Deb, I didn't read or follow any blogs but I had heard of them. I sort of got my feet wet on Rate my Space. I wanted to find a medium where I could continue to be creative and really had no idea where blogging would led me. I just jumped in with both feet and vowed to be completely authentic with this journey and it's been a wonderful blessing in my life. Besides connecting with so many amazing people that I would never ever known I love how blogging has made me more present in my own life. Every day is like Christmas in a way... I never know what's in store and what lovely being may reach out or touch me in some way.
Thanks for posing this question... it's great to examine what led you to something...
Have a lovely Monday Lisa :)

Renae said...

Brooke is a person that oozes sweetness and talent. She and Steve are definitely a dynamic duo. Wouldn't you just love to visit their shop?

LLH Designs said...

I just had to come back and say I can see why Brooke inspired you. Not only is her work inspiring, but she takes the time to be real and connect with others. I was honored that she left a post on my blog (about the table). And honored that you did as well! I'm close to a final design!

Happy weekend!

Building a House and Home said...

Funny you should ask, my first inspiration is the woman you just posted about - Trina at acountryfarmhouse.blogspot.com. As you said about Brooke, she is refreshingly humble and amazingly talented, not to mention inspiring. I will not take up all of your room here and write more about it at ahouseandhome.blogspot.com. But as I keep going, I continued to be inspired by so many people - including you. I love this blog. Thanks for posting.

pve design said...

Firstly, I did not know what a blog was and then suddenly, I fell down the blog hole myself. I owe it to All the Best, Mrs.Blandings and Annechovie....plus so many incredible beautiful connections have been created!
Love knowing your inspiration! Brooke is awe inspiring.

chateaudelille said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I cant wait to truly investigate and enjoy all your beautiful pics!Fiona

Anna Pex said...

You are the best blogger what I read ... thanks a lot!