Who Inspired Who?

It's been nice & quiet around here this morning, one of the many joys of summertime. So I've been reading and catching up with many of you. I was just visiting the charming Decor8  where Holly's guest posted a question to readers asking
"Who Inspired You To Blog?"
 My inspiration came one evening while I was online researching something in Santa Barbara, California.
One click and everything changed.
I found Brooke Giannetti at Velvet & Linen!

I thought, who is this delightful woman and what is a blog?
 I read on and soon became enveloped by her warm & friendly welcome to a corner of her world.

I came to realize that her "blog" is a place where she shares her love of design & the meaningful aesthetics she brings to everyday life. When she teams up with her husband, architect Steve Giannetti, the results are stunning. Always in a refreshingly humble manner, Brooke shares her retail & design expertise and a bit of family life too.
She gets up early to tell us something interesting & new, answer all our questions about drywall, show us what she and daughter, Leila have planted in the front garden and even has time to visit with the ladies at The Skirted Round Table!
She supports and inspire us to no end.
So to continue with a wonderful idea, I urge you all to share with us your thoughts about who inspired you to start your blog!
Thank you, Brooke, for inspiring me to write my blog and to share a corner of my world.

Have you ordered your copy of the Giannetti's new book, Patina Style?
I have!

Click the book to order your copy!

Photos courtesy Brooke Giannetti, Velvet & Linen