"Who cares how late it is mom, this lady can REALLY draw!"

It was pretty late & way past my bedtime. My son wandered down to see what I was up to...and to grab a pb&j.  I was visiting with one of my Canadian friends, Michelle Morelan when he peeked over my shoulder.  He quickly pulled up a wing back, sat criss-cross-applesauce, pulled his sandwich into halves, and proceeded to watch.  He was mesmerized by what he saw.
Ok Collier, let's go camping.
at Camp Tobi that is...
In case you are curious, Tobi Fairley is one of the most incredibly down-to-earth designers around which gave her the title of "Head Counselor" at her first-ever-fabulously-fun Design Summer Camp and Michelle Morelan is a multi-talented artist in Vancouver,  known for her stunning interior designs and incredible renderings. In honor of Tobi's Design Summer Camp, Michelle has created a video tutorial of her wonderful vision for the ultimate camping experience.
So grab a pb&j and your favorite wing back and enjoy some schematic camping via this fun tutorial by the talented Michelle Morelan at
#3 Camping with Tobi from Schematic Life on Vimeo.
Visit the designers here 
and here.
calling all campers...sign up now because
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