The Ultimate Sleeping Porch

In summer, I like beds striped down to a good view & a good breeze.
morning coffee
I want the feeling of sleeping outside when I'm sleeping in.
Phoebe Howard
White sheets and piles of pillows for headboards,
Phoebe Howard
and gifts from the garden on my bedside table.
Phoebe Howard
 It all adds up to a good nights sleep.
Phoebe Howard
Especially when the sleeping porch is designed by the talented Phoebe Howard! I hope you had a relaxing weekend...
I love America LP 50px  image
Photos courtesy of Phoebe Howard Design


Champagne/StitchPoet/CrushParty said...

We have a new(ish) "Mrs. Howard's" here in Charlotte. I only peek in the windows...and cry a little bit! SO BEAUTIFUL! I want everything I spy!

Greet said...

To die for!! Gorgeous!

Jo said...

How lovely ~ I would never return to the real world if I had something so inviting.


Juju at Tales of said...

That last picture is downright dreamy!

Teresa Hatfield said...

This post is beautiful. Love the bedding and the flowers! Now...where can I find the weather to sleep outsie?
Have a great week.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

JMW said...

This post makes me miss our screened in porch. While I love our new home, the porch was a a great place to relax and spend time (and to avoid the mosquitoes!).

old south blogger said...

I saw this in person!

When you have a home near by something like this, you want to go back and start all over!

Coty Farquhar said...

I just love this post Lisa,
I would love to be asleep in this beautiful bed right now!!

Thank you for the wonderful wishes for my Bec from the Porter household. I feel like I haven't spoken to you in ages, my days are flying past too quickly and yet I'm not sure quite what I'm doing. I think I need to find myself a job, a normal every day sort of job. My life is too hectic.

Does that sound menopausal or what?
Sending you lots and lots of love,
xxxx Coty

Morning T said...

The combination of major jet lag and these incredible images makes me want to put my head on my desk and take a nap.
Happy Friday to you Lisa. Here's to a restful weekend!