Summertime Baseball


It's the "feel" of the season that can trigger the emotions.  The sun on my shoulders, another layer of sunscreen, a quick dip in the pool, washing the uniform, finding the forever lost cleats, making more sandwiches, searching for his lucky game ball, find my phone, slip into a shift, ice for the cooler, turn off the t.v., leave the house wide open, latch the screen doors, put the sweet black dog on duty & arrive before the first pitch. 
 The "feel" of the season, it all comes rushing back.
On early morning walks with Gracie, I hear young players cracking bats & balls off in the distance and the whirl of the big sprinklers keeping it all green.
 Funny how the field where my # 5 covered first now seems so small.
I will always be a little league mom. I will always know the "feel" of the season and be thankful for the good times our families spent together. I will always adore Delia's braids on the hottest of days.

And remember Louie watching big brother play from the best seat above the dugout.
The seasons spent together, Amy and I on the bleachers, the dads in the dugout, and our sons on the field, they are wonderful threads in the tapestry of life. Sometimes life gets overwhelming and I forget.
It takes the "feel" of the season to remind me that there is always time enough to remember. But there is never time enough to commemorate what we cherish unless we pause to observe and give thanks.
Thank you Amy.
Turn up the volume, grab a mitt & come join us out in the bluegrass for one last practice.
photos & video by me


Francine Gardner said...

So wonderful to read your post. As my son is about to college in LA, I too, reminisce on summers past.I was watching my 2 sons last night with their friend sitting on the stone wall getting ready for one last night on the town. i have known all these boys now ranging from 18 to 22 for more than 10 years. Just watching and listening to them brought such strong emotions.... To be a mother is a marvellous thing...

Teresa Hatfield said...

Ok, Lisa,
You managed to get the tears a flowin'.
It seems like just yeaterday that my son and daughter were on those fields. Hard to believe that those day are behind us.
Thank you for jolting such beautiful memories.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

red ticking said...

darrrrlling post. and although i dont have children.. i remember my little nephew luc wanting to be a "professional t ball player" when he grew up... and then yelled to my brother from the practice field one day "dad when we get home you need to explain this game to me"... one of the best moments... ever. xx pam

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Lisa, thank you for taking time to leave a note! Love hearing from you & your blog is always a great place to land. Your pics are beautiful.

Linda Merrill said...

What a lovely post! Often we think of the "olden days" in a way that assumes they were better times, but your post reminds us that we can still have Norman Rockwellian times today. Love the pics!

Kathleen Dunagan said...

Thanks for the beautiful quote. It's nice to be reminded to stop once in a while and cherish what we have.