Between The Moments's me.
While I stepped away last week, I've been searching for original photos and piecing back together most of my original posts.
Many are my favorites about The Southern Charm of Lee Bailey, Train Travel On the Orient Express, running Barefoot in the Bluegrass, Hidden Treasures, afternoon walks through Lexington's Historic District, Collecting and Care of Silver and inspiring stories about many of You!
The talented photographer Cig Harvey sums up the situation so well with her incredible self portraits.
By the way, don't ever delete your Picassa Web Albums!
 Seems that is where my publishers were storing the photos used in my blog posts!  

So, dear readers & faithful followers, I hope you will be patient while I untangle this silly mess!
Before you go, I want to share this great article about Cig, her dedication to her craft, her filmmaker husband Doug and the life they live together on the coast of Maine with their dog Scarlet Snacks.

Visit her portfolio here.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
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