I have a house....

  I have a house where I go when there are too many people,
      I have a house where I go where no one can be.
    Mary Randolph Carter
   I have a house where I go where nobody ever say's "no";
      Where no one say's anything...so there is no one but me.
 A.A. Milne                                                  
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Forming a nest perched up high among the leaves gives children a secret vantage point.
Marqueyssac Cabane
My kids always loved the challenge to see who would be the first to the top of anything.
My daughter always started with a chair...
Alexandra Grablewski
My son's motto, "The higher, the funner!"
Vanessa Gavalaya
I remember when we were 9, my friend Connie Perry and I would spend hours and sometimes the night in her brother's treehouse. Everything that we plotted and planned seemed more magical simply because we were perched high above the ground. 

For those of you who have children or grandchildren that love to explore or climb to the highest of heights, I have a wonderful book that you all will love.
  Creating A Family Garden by Bunny Guinness reminds us that there was a time when children's playground equipment did not come pre-assembled!
Not all the magic takes place up high in the air though.  This hollow tree makes a very special down low on the ground den.
A small den can also be made by pulling the trunks of young trees together at the top & weaving branches in-between them. As the trees grow they can form a living tree house which changes as it grows from year to year.
Children appreciate small personalized spaces.  Even if they've been raised in a spacious home, they will still hanker after a tent!
   I would appreciate a small personalized space too, however, you can forget the tent.  Treehouses aren't just for kids you know!  Honestly, if this were mine I might never come down. I mean, it's so high and all.
Ok, let's be nice and play with others. A well-planned garden or yard can be the hub of family life. My friend Brooke has all 4 of her teens harvesting crops in their California garden! If you want to design a treehouse like no other, good news, there are treehouse people! Check with your local tree surgeon too. They really know their stuff!
K Jerstiberg via Patricia Gray
In her book, Creating A Family Garden, Bunny Guinness goes into great detail with regards to choosing the perfect treehouse for your family.  Elaborate or simple, always remember, safety first!

K Jerstiberg via Patricia Gray
See ya at the top!
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Grab your garden gloves & head over to Brooke's to see what they are harvesting in their family garden.
Brooke Giannetti