Cultivated Postage Stamps

garden girl
Trying to tame nature and be close to it is an innate part of our makeup, originating from a basic necessity to grow food.cottage-garden-x garden plot for Sunset photo by Thomas J. Story
Thomas Story
You don't have to have 50 acres or large plots of dirt to experience the simple pleasures of taming the wild. Our California beach house had a tiny spot of a lawn.  All we ever used was an ancient push mower with rusty blades. I miss that old thing.
Sara One Day
Some of the most intimate and personal gardens I have enjoyed are little more than cultivated postage stamps.
Jane Rose
You don't have to have a place in the country to enjoy the peace and tranquility of an outdoor room.
side entrance by poppins
When I visited with garden designer Jon Carloftis down at his family's place this summer he told me this... "In my mind, the most important place in a garden is right outside your door.
The front steps, the roof, the back patio, wherever it may be; it's the first and last thing you see and the closest at hand." J.C.
Making the most of even the tiniest roof space
My belief is that gardening really has no beginning and no end.  It's what's blooming at my elbow that always makes me smile.
Happy gardening friends.
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