The Charming Mr. Lee Bailey

Allow me to introduce
the charming
Lee Bailey.
I had the pleasure of spending some time
with this gentleman many years ago,
when I coordinated a book signing
for him at Williams-Sonoma.
I am not exaggerating when I tell you
the ladies were
In his book
Southern Food and
Plantation Houses,
he slows the pace and in no time
you find yourself on a porch
beneath moss-hung live oaks,
enjoying berry sherbet on a balmy
southern afternoon.
Lee Bailey takes us to
Natchez, Mississippi,
the home of his favorite Aunt Freddie.
It is also where Mr. Bailey pays tribute
to the memory of a small band
of purposeful ladies who began the
Natchez Pilgrimage almost a half century ago.
He enlisted the help of the
which has been organizing tours of these homes
since 1932.
The result is a glorious celebration
of Natchez and it’s long tradition of great
American cooking!
A festive supper at
Twin Oaks.
Elegant & unpretentious from 1810
& listed in the National Register of
Historic Places.
Pickled okra & butter beans at
Hope Farm.
It’s modest & austere beginnings
proudly displayed.
It was a farm, not a mansion,
and therein lies it’s charm!
Pie on the back screened gallery
built in 1775.
Or enjoy peach & meringue shortcake
and breathtaking views of gardens
at Dunleith,
the quintessential southern mansion,
as seen through the branches of the
great oaks planted over a century ago.
Pineapple & Lemon Mousse
would be perfect!
You would most likely find me at
Built in 1852,
a country house in the sense that it is
situated in splendid isolation outside of
the city limits.
Approaching it through dense, cool trees,
I would enjoy a relaxing supper on the patio
Clara Nell Adams
and her fabulous white chocolate cake.
If this doesn’t have you humming
Dixie, I don’t know what will.
My dear friend Coty Farquhar has added...
"It's a very small world. I worked with Lee Bailey when he came to Australia in the 80's and he did some stories for Australian Vogue Entertaining Guide. I was of course on the editorial team and spent many hours running around town collecting props for him and being on the photo shoots for Vogue back then. His photographer back then was Joshua Greene from memory, another talented American. Lee is charming and I have always loved his work, his books and his wonderful styling in amazing old established homes around the US. xxx Coty"
All photos Tom Eckerle via Southern Food & Plantation Houses
Sorry for any confusion.
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