Bedside Guardians

Returning home from a busy day or from a long journey always has me longing for the comfort of my very own bed. My bedside guardians are a few favorite things that rest on my bedside table.

breakfast in bed by James merrell  James Merrell

The best bedside guardians are open windows, the smell of flowers, lights for reading and comforting children.

unwinding by Holly becker Unwinding by Holly Becker @ decor8

Piled up books, unfinished diaries, telephone numbers...

pink cubby vi Lonny issue 2 Lonny

special mementos & pictures of family as suggested below by author Monica Rich Kosann.rise-and-shine-to-fave-things via The Fine Art of Family

The Fine Art of Family

Bedside guardians hold letters, the remote, lip balm, a watch or wedding ring  at the end of the day.

bedside lavender

Small boxes or a pretty little dish take up just a little bit of space while holding and hiding all sorts of things.

simple bed via Pure Style Home

Pure Style Home

Some bedside tables are just for show. I think the little round landing is just perfect for the nautical cabin below.

cabot cove yacht club via Coastal Living Coastal Living

These few details make even the basics a pleasure to wake up to.

kimdimsunshine Kim Dim Sunshine

Utilizing her reading material for added height works so perfectly for this lovely bed draped to the ground in fine linen.

linen by James Merrell James Merrell 

More stylish ingenuity! I love how he used bricks to lift his Louis Vitton to just the right height!



This beautiful bedside vignette belongs to Trina at her lovely Country Farmhouse. Before you know it, it will be graced with a couple of mother-of-pearl teething rings.

via A Country Farmhouse blog

A Country Farmhouse

Joe Ruggiero Sr. makes his guests feel right at home at Thanksgiving with a beautiful bedside table complete with fresh-cut flowers from his garden.

Joe Ruggiero prepares for Thanksgiving Guests

Joe Ruggiero Sr.

My Mr. does not wake me with flowers from the garden but he does bring me my first cup every morning.  I know...he's a keeper.Monday isn't So Bad by Holly Becker Monday Isn't So Bad by Holly Becker @ decor8

Before I head off to bed, I wanted to mention that I have a wonderful new bloggy friend, Tricia White. When she's not treasure hunting in Calgary, or running a half marathon in Napa, or playing with her daughter on the beach in Del Mar, she is at home in Houston Texas writing the most amazing blog, *Morning T*.


Tricia shares her love of travel and inspires with her wonderful style. But her passion is being at home with family.  I love that!  She just returned from a wonderful journey, but before she turned in she had this to say... 

*Morning T*

"I'll settle with laying in my comfy white bed, just in front of my pretty white shutters, and studying page after page of 'At Home with White', while sipping on white wine." *Morning T*

Thank you Tricia for joining me here & adding your wonderful touch at TLPC. I look forward to reading more!  *Morning T*

The kids are calling me outdoors now to watch the meteor shower so I'm wishing you & all my friends a good nights sleep & wonderful weekend!

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