Exotic & Homegrown

I have the pleasure of tending to my neighbor's vegetable garden for a couple of weeks while they're off to some exotic destination. 
I asked them not to tell us where they were headed to. 
You see, it's just the two of them & adventure is their middle name.
google images  When they return we will plan a special evening, prepare a special meal in their honor...from their garden, open good wine, and sit on the edges of our seats.  Our kids will even want to join us.
Yes, they take those kinds of adventures.
Photo, Lisa Porter

Photo, Lisa Porter 
Photo, Lisa Porter 
Photo, Lisa Porter

Did you think I would go & pick vegetables without my camera?
Photo, Lisa Porter  Photo, Lisa Porter

Photo, Lisa Porter

Photo, Lisa Porter

Photo, Lisa Porter

Photo, Lisa Porter   

Photo, Lisa Porter

Probably the most convincing reason to have a vegetable garden is a homegrown tomato.

Photo, Lisa Porter  
  Some still green on the vine were too pretty not to pick.     Photo, Lisa Porter
 All organic so a quick rinse at my garden sink and onto tea towels to dry made prep simple.
Photo, Lisa Porter
 The quintessential summer repast.
Slice thick slices of these red beauties, slather mayonnaise on a crunchy soft roll, & season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. 

Photo, Lisa Porter
Our friends are fabulous cooks so along with tomatoes there is fresh dill, basil, oregano, and chives.      Photo, Lisa Porter     Photo, Lisa Porter     Photo, Lisa Porter  It's a quiet summer night at home in the Bluegrass & the air's incredibly still & heavy. 
 Photo, Lisa Porter  Meanwhile, you know who's waiting patiently on the front porch for a breeze & her after dinner walk.   

Photo, Lisa Porter

Say goodnight Gracie.
"Goodnight Gracie."


Anne Marie said...

Hi Lisa...had to tell you how delightful you are to do that - I would really appreciate a gardener/neighbor/friend like you....their return sounds perfect!

Anne Marie

Karena said...

Lisa you are a dream friend and neighbor. Perhaps you will have a recount of their adventure!


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The enchanted home said...

Lisa love this post! So share your sentiments about all the redeeming qualities of the almighty tomato...is there anything better than a fresh still warm perfectly riped tomato? I don't think so!! You are a wonderful neighbor....wish there were more like you. Now you have ME intrigued as to where they were and what they did! Enjoy that special meal...sounds like a lot of fun!!

Renée Finberg said...

i really wish you would make a book of your photos!!!

i'd buy it!!


quintessence said...

Lisa - your photographs are just lovely! They really express the essence of fresh grown summer vegetable goodness. Lucky you AND them. Can't wait to see what you and they make with their bounty and to hear about their exciting adventure.

Lisa said...

Thank you friends for stopping by. Funny Renee, my mother said the same thing...make a book for my coffee table! We should all make books! Xo

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Even though I live in the tomato capital of the world (really) those are some gorgeous tomatoes! Makes me want to start a veggie garden (I say this every year) but maybe next year? Gorgeous photos Lisa! Don't forget to fill us in on their adventure. Much love XO

Love Where You LIve said...

This photos represent the best part of summer! Yum.

Renae Moore said...

I agree...your photos are spectacular as well as your styling for the shoot! We tried 2 topsy turvy's both went to the trash, did not work for us, so we have one lonely little plant the MR put in the ground, we have had one tomato. On the other hand HIS peppers are flourishing!

Loved too the glimpse into your backyard and the front as well, Miss Gracie keeping watch.


Alicia said...

I live vicariously through your green adventures & you know why. ;)
Right now the only thing thriving is my basil so pesto, pesto & more pesto. Tomato wise, I'm mighty jealous & hankering for that sandwich right now.
Have a lovely weekend.

Lisa said...

Yes Alicia,
I do know what you mean, but it's a dry heat darling. Let me think...do you know how I miss the smell of orange blossoms and playing hide & seek in our next door neighbors citrus orchard? It's sinful what I pay for an avocado or artichoke and when Gracie's having to do her business on ice, I'll think of you on the 18th hole! And you know why. ;)
By the way, I was 10 and I swear I did not steal any oranges. The pink grapefruit was my favorite!
xo Lisa