Peaches & Cream

The Summer of 1961

A Saturday drive around Lubbock, Texas with my Granny usually included a stop for ice cream at the Borden's Drive-In. 
Here I am with my cousins Jay & Gary.

Photo | Lisa Porter

The only thing better than Borden's was Grandmother Collier's homemade peach ice cream.

Made with only the freshest ingredients and lots of elbow grease.
Photo | Lisa Porter

Just down at the end of our road here in Lexington,
 there is this peach tree.

Photo | Lisa Porter

Gracie and I were going for a walk the other morning so I brought my camera along.
Hoping to take some pics & pick a peach or two or three...

Photo | Lisa Porter

Oh my gosh, each limb was hanging so low from its heavy load and begging to be harvested.

Photo | Lisa Porter

As tempting as it was to pick, I refrained, as no one was home...so I am waiting.

Photo | Lisa Porter

In the meantime, I'm digging out Grandmother Collier's recipe and preparing to give my kids a lesson in how to make homemade ice cream and another homemade memory.

photo | White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Archives

Below is a link to White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers.
Yep, they still make them.
And if you have enough hungry people they can all take turns cranking!

photo | Chris Granger for SAVEUR

You'll be glad to know that they also make them with motors.
They sound about as magical as a rock polisher. 
Remember those?

photo | White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

Elsie & I hope your summer includes plenty of homemade ice cream & homemade memories too!

Borden's Ice Cream Archives