A man's personal male attendant, responsible
for his clothes, appearance and manners.
via the gentlemansgentleman   via the gentlemansgentleman
A rack or stand to hang clothing. A box to
store a man's wallet, watches and jewelry.
valet via Brie Williams       valet via Brie Williams
The MR. does not have a valet, he has a chair,
near the closet, which he uses, but not to sit on.
via browndresswithwhitedots tumblr
Valetmag.comis also an online men's lifestyle publication.
via thegentlemansgentleman tumblr

"Updated daily, Valet offers news on fashion,
grooming and culture--in a mix of both aspirational
and approachable price-points.
 field-chair via google images
Crafted especially for the 21st century gentleman,
women can (and do) appreciate our charms too."
tumblr_lfhnceGYMS1qb75hko1_500 via ny-batteri
I have to admit, this was supposed to be a
Son's birthday / Father's Day / MR's
birthday / tribute
via Grant's Combs
but I got a bit wound up in all the celebrating &
the time slipped by.  But still, look at some of
the neat guy "stuff" that I found!
Mohawk General Store
I've grown to appreciate guy stuff.
via tumblr
Maybe it's because my
daughter and I live with two guys and we think
they're neat keepers! 
Eames Lounge Chair tumblr_ldtfdimMT31qzsy3qo1_400 
This is something that CNP & his best friend
SDC would decide to do if they got bored in
the middle of the night!
strolls_through_time_and_space-1 via Mohawk General Store
I likeclick to read The Handbook at Valet 
"Valet's growing reference guide of helpful style tips,
last-minute tricks and ingenious instructions for a wide
range of the modern man's dilemmas."
via rachaelnotrachel 
Like... how to find a good barber,
tumblr_lhgpcikQy61qax8g2o1_500 via anchor division
& secrets to the
perfect wet shave.
Baxter Barber Brush 
The Etiquette Handbook will even tell him
how to pronounce designer
Feb 9th ipad 126
I don't want your MR. to get snubbed by some
snarky sales girl for messing up
Ann Demeulemeester
or Veronique Branquinho.
Now, how about his clothes?
The Clothes Handbook will help him
decipher his clothes' care labels.

"The 'care instructions,' as they're referred to, don't do
much instructing, so please allow us to decode and then
offer real world translations."
from Jayson Home and Garden 
Next to baseball and barbeque, there's no
greater American summer ritual than (anyone)
washing my car.
iPad 006 
The Car Handbook at Valet has a tutorial on
how to Detail Your Car (in 15 minutes).
Evidently pre-treating is the key!
I wish! 
tumblr_lnkckrTOdw1qads8no1_500 via the portable faulkner At Valetmag.comthere are also wonderful articles
written about fascinating men & their stuff, like
this one about a Rolex that belonged to
Sir Edmund Hillary.
It was discovered on Mt. Everest!
Sir Edmund Hillary' Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chromometer worn as he summited Mt. Everest 1953 via Arane  
Thanks for sticking around & reading my
belated tribute to my guys.
tumblr_lehabypPdN1qaqgkuo1_500 via bnymns
Oh and one more thing -
If your MR. could use a solid, masculine
piece of furniture with a dash of Kennedy-era
cool. One that will not only help him stay
organized, but keep his clothes fresh and the
dry cleaning bills down.
Here is a beauty I
found at 1st dibs!
via 1stdibs


The enchanted home said...

Love this! I am going to show it to my husband later, who knew there were so many resources out there for men to feel every bit a womens equal in the fashion and design sense? Love it! Great post, Lisa!

WA Blog Team said...

What an incredibly handsome post!! We are happy to learn about Valet lifestyle publication. Just great! ; )

quintessence said...

Love this!! Am definitely popping over to check out Valet!! My mister is pretty darn neat - it's me with the chair in the closet!!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Sounds like a good guy publication Lisa. I love washing my car too, every saturday while my husband golfs...........hmmmmmm, something wrong with that I think! Much love XO

Nantucket Daffodil said...

What a handsome post...those stubbly faces had my heart beating a little faster...Tom Selleck thoughts...great photo pics as always...

J.W. said...

What a pleasure to see such a well-done "man" post. Thank you.

Renae Moore said...

Great tribute to the men in your life. I can just see me giving MY MR. an etiquette handbook! Hehe. I think I will enjoy perusing the website for the men in my life!

Renée Finberg said...

leave it to you to give us style, class,
and sex in one post

i love this.
and if i ever date again,
i will be sure to have my 'man' take all the tips in this post.

shiree segerstrom said...

Loved your manly post Lisa! I can almost smell the Old Spice and tobacco. Men's wear is so classic. None of that in and out in twelve months we women have to tolerate. Shiree'

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

very debonair! I love this post.