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 There’s been some discussion around here lately regarding the subject of camping & comfort. In my opinion these two do not go hand in hand.

That’s why God created Boy Scouts.

MR. Eagle Scout suggested it would be great fun and that maybe I would be more in the mood {what kind of mood might that be honey?} if I had my own uniform!

He said I could sew on as many badges as I wanted!

Sure thing. Right after I sew on a discrete flat pocket to hold my slim straight shooter ~

Oh, calm down. I’m talking about a slim straight shooter from Stanley. “For those occasions that require more than a toast.”

Then there’s the question of accommodations.


Remember it goes everywhere I go?


Didn’t think so.

There must be a better way…

There is! 

Shelter Co. 

Born from the love of the California landscape combined with nostalgia for the days of summer camp.

Image via Shelter Co. Tumblr

Shelter Co. provides fully furnished European style canvas tents for a luxury lodging experience. 

Shelter Co.

Shelter Co. packages include all necessary amenities and are fully customized to meet individual needs ! 

Shelter Co.

Shelter Co. also offers a “Camping Butler” who will unobtrusively stoke your fire, pour your favorite liquor, {you can still bring your straight shooter Stanley} and provide turndown service?

Shelter Co.

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Pick your spot.

With Shelter Co. you get to pick wherever you want your campsite to be.  A mountain top, a vineyard, a beach, even your own backyard. The possibilities are endless!

Pick your amenities.

I’m signing up for lighted paths, campfires, lawn & board games, a doggy tent, a private bath with organic toiletries, and yoga.

Sit back & relax.

Stargaze, sing songs, roast marshmallows, and get to know nature. 

Shelter Co.

I think I might be getting in the mood.

 Shelter Co.

They say that camping will renew my love of the great outdoors. What I love is that the folks at Shelter Co. will pack it all up after we depart and leave things just the way nature intended.

Now accepting reservations.

Shelter Co. 

Image via Shelter Co. Tumblr

Hmmm.  I’ll let you know.

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 Wherever you go & whatever you do this weekend I hope you have fun!

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