Gifts from The Sea

  Gathered from waters around the world~ Sometimes sacred, always sentimental. From a child's handful of sandy white treasures, to my grandmother’s long strands of pearls ~ gifts from the sea have always been precious to me.

When I was young they allowed me to hold on to summer dreams.



Image via Pinterest 

Over the years another gift from the sea that I’ve come to love is mother-of-pearl. Just like it’s namesake, this young offspring, evokes thoughts of femininity & luxury.

Mother Of Pearl via Google ImagesI love the way the iridescent inner shell or nacre captures the light. I especially love the way it glows in candlelight.

Photo | Lisa Porter

A mother-of-pearl handle applied with a decorative ferrule to a sterling silver serving piece will always embellish a well-laid table.  I enjoy mixing old and new along with my Capiz shell hors d'oeuvre plates.

Photo | Lisa Porter

Can you imagine dining in a shimmering shell-encrusted conservatory ~

Dramatic Dining Rooms Written and produced by Debra Steilen for Traditional Home. Click to read more.   source 

At night the silver from the mother-of-pearl walls sparkles beautifully in the candlelight of a late-19th-century Italian chandelier .

Currey and Co. at Seaside Home


Beautiful light also makes its way into
a gift by the sea ~ Bringing with it a soothing beach palette that captures the essence of California style.

Welcome to Seaside Home.

Seaside Home La Jolla

This design atelier and boutique in the heart of La Jolla is one of my favorite destinations when we head home to the coast!

Seaside Home La Jolla

Within the architecturally detailed interior, a noteworthy ensemble of some of the world’s most renowned and sought-after furnishings and accessories beautifully blend relaxed lifestyles with the elegantly polished traditions of America’s coastal history.

Seaside Home La JollaFurniture by Baker, Ralph Lauren, and Century ~ Bed and bath linens from Sferra & Peacock Alley ~ Lighting by Curry & Co. ~ Italian pewter by Match & William Yeoward's crystal are part of an extensive collection of elite names in design and d├ęcor all displayed in a polished & relaxed setting.

So pleased to also see the incredible works of La Jolla artist Harrison Howard in Seaside Home’s design atelier. He’s a family favorite in La Jolla & in Lexington!

Californian’s know that a casual life by the sea allows one to erase the boundaries between indoor & outdoor living. 

Artel for Seaside Home La Jolla

This casually posh boutique offers what I personally consider to be the the finest in outdoor living.

The beautiful Andalusia Collection by Richard Frinier.

Andalusia Collection by Richard Frinier The name of Richard’s collection makes me smile ~ Andalusia is one of the sunniest and warmest places in Europe, making it a center of sun and sand. It’s most definitely part of what makes Seaside Home a gift from the sea!


Did you know ~

I was featured in the latest issue of TRADhome where I named Seaside Home as my Go-To for Great Design!

Look for it in the latest Fall issue below!

Click to read Trad-Home Fall 2012


A Well Styled Life said...

I love mother of pearl handles on flatware too. Pearls themselves are a favorite as well. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine!! You have a beautiful blog.

Henhurst Interiors said...

Looks like a great shop and congrats on the Trad Home mention!
All best,

quintessence said...

Loved seeing you in TradHome and love your beautiful pick - looks like a wonderful spot with many of my favorite lines!

Catherine Frinier said...

We love The Lisa Porter Collection. - Catherine and Richard Frinier

Jeane M. said...

Wow cheers for that brilliant achievement. I do think your blog deserves it. I always think of pearls as classic beauty of purity, love it. Got my eye on your next posts.

Karen Albert said...

Congrats Lisa. I love La Jolla and I am so thrilled that Seaside Home carries my friend Harrison's art!

Art by Karena

Marisa said...

I love this post, Lisa. I am re-tweaking the house at the moment, and have lots of coral and sea-themed treasures. A set of mother of pearl handled fish knives is one of my favourite things I inherited from my mother, and I have been contemplating a Harrison Howard print for a while now. Perhaps it will be my Christmas present to myself!