Going Shopping!

Thank goodness for Gift Guides!

Ikea Gift Wrap

They’re everywhere & for everyone!

A virtual treasure trove of thoughtfully edited gift-giving ideas by fabulous bloggers, designers, stylists, and tastemakers is making shopping easier than ever this year. 

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorites!

Design Sponge

Grace Bonny Grace Bonney at Design Sponge is at the top of my list with an assortment of really wonderful ornaments & trimmings for decorating the tree.


Skyla Freeman is a Capitol Hill staffer & former writer for President George W. Bush. From her darling D.C. apartment Skyla writes her stylish decorating blog - Sanity Fair. Her gift list would be a book-lovers dream!

Skyla Freeman WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 10:<br />Wednesday October 10,  2012 in Washington, DC.<br />(Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)<br /><br />


Paula who writes the darling blog two ellie posted her own children’s wish lists! My kid’s would be thrilled if I did that. What do you wanna bet the Grands read two ellie too ~

Smart mom.

Paula of Two Ellie, and her family.



Sarah Tolzmann who pens one of my favorite blogs, Note To Self  has got things covered with gift ideas for the ladies the gents and also the host!

Sarah Tolzmann 


Design For Mankind

Erin Loechner writes Design for Mankind and has put together a practical gift guide for the brother-in-law, “Because he swears it’s “Dob kit.”

Erin Loechner


Oh Joy! Bonnie Tsang has gathered together a list of great utilitarian gifts for the hands-on kind of girl.

Oh Joy!

Bonnie Tsang


Katie Armour has a festive roundup of things that make her smile at the Neo-Traditionalist.

Katie Armour


Blair Friedeman at Delight by Design has two lists that caught my eye. One for the glam girl who’s practically impossible to shop for and another list for the “natural” entertainer.

Blair Friedeman



At Julie Leah – a life & style blog she’s got the hard-to-buy-for guy all figured out and his preppy girlfriend too!

Julie Leah


CapturedmGabrielle Blair is a Design Mom who has pulled together a gift guide for doing good!  I say she’s already doing good – Just look at her darling family! Check out some of her favorite products that give back.

Gabrielle Blair and Family


I seriously am so thrilled about finding this manly-man list for the MR. at The City Sage.

Thank you so much Anne!

Anne Sage




 Playing Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap? Camila Pavone will show you how to play in Effortless Style! She’s got a grab-bag list for under $20!

I adore this photo of Camila & her husband grabbing a sweet moment!

Camila and Jonathan Pavone



kirstenheaderTo wrap things up Kirsten Krason at 6th Street Design School has the greatest examples of free holiday gift tags I’ve ever seen! Ready for you to download, print, and sign with your own special holiday message!

Thank you Kirsten!Kirsten Krason at 6th Street Design School

One last bit of news.

 to & from magazine is here!

to and from

This week, co-founders Katie Anderson & Meg Biram launched their premier Holiday 2012 issue!

Katie Anderson of www.modern-eve.com Meg Biram of www.megbiram.com

Thank you everyone. You’re the greatest gifts of all! 

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Oh no! Still browsing?

Here’s a Stress Cupcake from Think Geek.

Stress Cupcake

  • Relieve stress by squeezing this cupcake.
  • Less calories than eating a cupcake.
  • Do not eat the Stress Cupcake.


designchic said...

Well I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks for the great list of lists!! That will certainly make my Christmas shopping, tree trimming and present wrapping easier. Thrilled to be your newest follower!

Karen Albert said...

Oh this has got to be the best link of Holiday Treasures ever!! Thanks dear friend.

2012 Artists Series and Giveaway from The House of Edward!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Talk about a class act after class act of wonderful bloggers and ideas. Lisa you're wonderful for compiling this helpful list as there are never enough hours in the day to be as clever as I'd like for my holiday gift giving

Cheers my dear xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including me Lisa (and your sweet comment!!) Happy holidays to you and your daughter :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including me Lisa (and your sweet comment!!) Happy holidays to you and your daughter :)

5th and State said...

so many blogs i was unaware of, thanks lisa!
i am off to peak. not one gift has been purchased on this end....wish me luck

Renae Moore said...

Great list of peeps I haven't heard of Lisa! I will definitely take time to check out each one!
Love the family pic of Design Mom and her crew!

La Petite Gallery said...

Merry Christmas and all that Jazz. Great tips, have to check them out.
Best wishes yvonne

paula said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! Sorry I didnt comment earlier. It seems most of my blog comments on Two Ellie are going to spam. Just found them this morning! Thank you, thank you!!!